Taobao change shop Certification Rules crown sellers want to cry without tears


Taobao merchant typical authentication problem

at the beginning of February, a "full upgrade" shop certification system appeared in the Taobao news online, "said before June 30, 2012, all new shop and shop users shall complete the certification and filing." The news came out, many sellers in an uproar, many sellers crown class have the urge to cry.

new and old sellers to upload my photos

now Taobao certification, the old seller also need to upload your own photos, but only about the shop……" In February 20th, some people told reporters that at the beginning of February, a "review" of the new regulations introduced quietly, gave him a be taken by surprise.

reporter browse through was informed that in the authentication system of the latest announcement expressly written: in the new registered shop in individual sellers, ID card information must be submitted at the same time, upload my handheld ID card photo alignment and my half body photos, two photos. From January 11, 2012 to June 30, 2012, will have open shop seller certification application, before all the new shop and shop users shall complete the certification and filing.

appeared in the notice at the same time, the reporter saw in a seller’s Taobao account, Taobao also specifically gives "headshots" sample: a woman who first held the card in front of the camera took a photo, and then took a photo in front of the camera alone.

a lot of ID cards with others


incident, despite the support of Taobao in the comments area sellers, even dubbed this film "headshots" way like into the information collection ceremony in front of the prison, but it is undeniable that the implementation of the new regulation has been spread to many of the interests of the seller. There are a lot of non Taobao ID card shop sellers, including crown sellers, once the identity authentication can not be completed, a lot of hard work of the high credibility of stores will face "decapitation" risk.

beauty territory fashion life hall "Taobao seller Mr. Xie who lives in Licang, he told reporters, although the new Taobao did not say let the shop put up the shutters not approved, but expressly told this will affect the ranking of quality index, his estimation into 6 shops or affected. He told reporters, in addition to their own headquarters, also has several branches, are registered with the identity of others. "In 2008, I used my girlfriend’s ID card to open the account, which broke up for 3 years, and now can not contact. In desperation can only reluctantly turn off shop. The accumulation of hard reputation and customer resources to go, it feels quite painful and depressed."

otherwise goods shelves or shop shield

Taobao sellers if you can not provide certification, Taobao will be how to deal with it, in February 20th, the reporter called the Taobao fair business hotline

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