Where do you get your money

      Clinton felt himself very old, he wanted a IPHONE but had not yet arrived, so he sent a message on the Twitter of less than 70 words. Immediately, Le Le phone received a message on this message. Little joy is only a loyal follower of Clinton, but Clinton did not know him. It’s a wonderful thing that happens every day, and you can’t even get to know what the US presidential candidate Edwards is doing or thinking about something. If you like, you can even talk to him by cell phone.

      they are not through the blog to inform us of all this, small music to get the information channel is in fact the new stuff "popular in the network between the Twitter": a QQ, through the mobile phone short message, MSN, GTalk and Web, the formation of groups of friends and share information with friends of the mini blog service website. Every day Le Le on micro-blog’s information has been the focus of 523 people, and he received a month of short messages more than 3000.

      just over a year ago, blog technology pioneer Evan · (Evan Williams) to create a new company Obvious launched the Twitter service. Now this is only 140 characters (the length of the 70 Chinese characters, a text description) do small things and want to attract users, rose sharply from 100 thousand to 5 million last week, won the UnionSquare Ventures leading investors close to $5 million in venture capital.

      why can the gadgets become people exchange darling? It should be said that since the blog is still the expression of restraint, or that is limited by the network and the physical world of the diaphragm and the cost of expression, people can only use the stage summary of the expression.

      however, Twitter makes communication more routine, as it is often done by people in daily life. Although it is not a technological innovation, but it does make people feel more ready to speak freely, to get the right to speak this way to make the Internet and daily life will be combined more closely, communication between ordinary people or chat interaction will be more frequent.

      Wang Xing is taking advantage of this prospect, and launched the local service one long ago. Two months ago, he and another partner co founded the rice network formally launched. Reporters opened the home page found that the site is all the netizens left the latest message, from the recent international affairs to someone just changed the new hairstyle, all netizens are talking about

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