Taobao village survey turnover peaked profit from 100% to less than $20%

Taobao village survey: turnover peaked profit decreased from 100% to less than 20%

on the eve of the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held since he became prime minister third times by experts and scholars and entrepreneurs to participate in the Forum on the economic situation, he praised Ma, says it has created a consumer point, and certainly new economy. Li Keqiang pointed out that it is necessary to re recognize and attach great importance to the new economy, saying that the new economy is not only the liberation of the old productive forces, but also to create a new productivity. Then, the new economy caused by hot, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Professor walnut electronic commerce department believes that the so-called new economy mainly refers to the business model and the environment with the help of information technology and the Internet to carry out trading activities, including e-commerce, information consumption and Internet banking. According to the industry’s point of view, the new economy is a relative concept, which is different from the previous to the new economic pillar industry, the traditional natural resources, the new economy with high technology industry as the pillar, mainly relied on intellectual resources.

in view of this, the "daily economic news" to a number of information technology, relying on high technology, the most economic vitality of the region in-depth investigation, to reveal the new economy business model behind, mining its growth bottleneck, and make a discussion and anticipation of its future direction.

until November 12th when the bell sounded, more than 500 Shandong Taobao village head of the village of Boxing Bay, only a slight relaxation of nervous tension. Over the past day, like a hard grind, orders, shipment, delivery……

changes in the city’s industrial production and consumption of goods, e-commerce online transaction model is quietly changing China’s rural areas.


group provides to the "daily economic news" reporter’s statistics show that in the 14 large Taobao village in China have been discovered, bay village is one of them.

, director of the Peking University China and social development research center Qiu Zeqi believes that e-commerce is a new rural development model, but this model can go far, can also be copied, starting from the analysis of the "three rural" market step. For example, in 80s through the reform of Xiaogangcun, agricultural products are surplus, the villagers do not know how to sell, how to transport, unable to communicate the buying and selling of link has not started, information and logistics should come to the countryside.

national expert advisory committee Fang Yu believes that Taobao village strive for further improvement than Xiaogangcun, because e-commerce marketing mode really solve the shackles of agricultural products, handmade products shackles, is on the first industry deeper "liberation".

, however, the daily economic news reporter in the survey found that in a simple shop replication and blind scale expansion, the development of the village of Taobao, has reached the crossroads of transformation and upgrading.

Taobao temptation

began in 2009, double eleven fold electricity supplier

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