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1 WeChat total lift squatting tide or forced to name or title

WeChat recently conducted in 2014 the last wave of product adjustment, the concern is named "the number of certified public deregulation", two certification rules involved in relevant content although the relaxation of the name of the certification restrictions, can not be the same rules also gave the name of the certification through large provided protection, but also made a lot of small drill the rules, the name of the large-scale cybersquatting "unauthorized" large ones, such as "a" and "visual records", malicious cybersquatting phenomenon continues to expand by their large concerns.

this, WeChat aspects to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, said that if there is a user that WeChat public platform has been certified public name violation of their legitimate rights and interests, complaints. After verification, we will be forced to name or title infringement account processing.

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2 the first payment of the third party is now closed Shanghai Chang employees do not know the whereabouts of the boss

January 5, 2015, Shanghai, the third party payment license Shanghai Chang purchase enterprise services limited to funding strand breaks, only the Ningbo area involving funds of more than 400 million, is likely to become the first failure of the third party payment companies. Headquarters in Shanghai, the office has been filled with users from all over the back card.

recently, the prepaid card business in Shanghai Chang purchase Enterprise Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Chang purchase) prepaid cards can not be used. A staff member of the company told reporters that in December 17, 2014, the headquarters for the closure of stores, now all the stores are closed, consumers can only go to the headquarters to register, as is the capital chain or the boss run away you don’t know.

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3 summit was traced to keep the high-risk vulnerabilities 23 million user information online crazy pass

January 5th news, vulnerability box security platform white hat hackers released the number for the Blue Superman vulbox-2015-01928 vulnerability information summit, the presence of high-risk vulnerabilities, as many as 23 million private information users encounter security threats, has gone viral on the internet.

It is reported that

, 23 million user data leakage summit package >

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