Scattered rain brings relief

first_imgKolkata: The city and its adjoining areas on Sunday received scattered rainfall providing the much-needed relief to the people who had been under the heat spell for quite some time.The Regional Meteorological Centre in Alipore on Sunday predicted more rainfall in South Bengal districts in the next 48 hours. There may be heavy showers in the coastal districts due to a low pressure trough formed over the Bay of Bengal. The districts of West Midnapore, East Midnapore, Jhargram, Purulia, South 24-Parganas may receive heavy rainfall in the next 48 hours. The city and adjoining districts like North 24-Parganas, Howrah and Hooghly will also receive light to moderate rainfall. The weather officials are apprehending that there may be considerable rainfall in the South Bengal districts at the beginning of the next month. It may be mentioned here that there has been a deficiency in rainfall in June and also in the current month so far. The city’s sky mostly remained cloudy on Sunday with some scattered rainfall in some parts. The weather office prediction says that there is no major rainfall alert in North Bengal for the next few days. The intensity of rainfall in North Bengal has reduced.last_img read more

Average US price of gas spikes 5 cents per gallon to 297

CAMARILLO, Calif. — The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline jumped 5 cents a gallon (3.8 litres) over the past two weeks, to $2.97.Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey says Sunday that gas prices have spiked 66 cents since early January.But Lundberg says dropping crude oil costs could mean that prices at the pump will soon stabilize.The highest average price in the nation is $4.14 a gallon in the San Francisco Bay Area.The lowest average is $2.45 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.The average price of diesel rose 3 cents over the past two weeks, to $3.17.The Associated Press read more

Indonesia improving on human rights but stronger steps needed – UN expert

12 June 2007Human rights defenders in Indonesia’s province of West Papua continue to face torture, arbitrary detention and harassment from the country’s police, military and security forces, an independent United Nations expert said today after wrapping up a week-long visit to the Asian archipelago, which she said had also taken some positive steps in the legal realm. Hina Jilani, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative on the situation of human rights defenders, said she had received “credible reports” of such activities, as well as attempts to interfere with defenders’ freedom of movement.Ms. Jilani “was also informed of cases where human rights defenders were threatened with prosecution by members of the police and the military,” she said in a statement. “It was alleged that when defenders have attempted to register their complaints, this has been denied and the defenders threatened.”The Special Representative added that defenders working in the environmental field “frequently receive threats from private actors with powerful economic interest, but are granted no protection by the police.”Other defenders who allege there have been abuses of authority are “labelled as separatists in order to undermine their credibility,” she said.The Special Representative recommended that existing mechanisms be strengthened to ensure the police, military and intelligence apparatus faces more credible oversight, and the creation of special complaint cells to register incidents involving harm or threats to human rights defenders.In today’s statement Ms. Jilani said that while the harassment and intimidation was not confined to West Papua province, she was “greatly encouraged” by the situation in Aceh province at the opposite end of the country, where the Government and separatists signed a peace deal in 2005.Human rights defenders in Aceh now have much greater scope to conduct their activities and their participation in peace-building initiatives was also being sought, although Ms. Jilani said she was also informed of some cases where defenders were subject to surveillance or interference.Turning to the case of Munir, the prominent human rights defender who was killed in 2004, Ms. Jilani said she was “deeply concerned at apprehensions expressed by defenders that the course of justice may be influenced to protect the perpetrators of this crime,” despite recent developments indicating the Government had made efforts to bring those perpetrators to justice.The Special Representative met senior Government, judicial and parliamentary officials, as well as human rights defenders and civil society groups, during her visit, which took in the capital, Jakarta, and West Papua and Aceh.Overall, the prospects for promoting human rights within Indonesia have advanced considerably recently, she said, but the country has yet to take concrete steps to enact laws, create institutions or set up procedures to protect rights defenders or ensure accountability for any harm carried out against them.Ms. Jilani welcomed the “several positive steps” taken to strengthen the laws and institutions that try to protect human rights, including constitutional changes in 2002 and the establishment of the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) and the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan).But some of these institutions and organizations face serious constraints on their ability to function, partly because of a lack of inter-agency cooperation and the difficulty of changing long-held attitudes that have helped to maintain impunity for some rights violations.Ms. Jilani also expressed concern at the lack of formal measures taken to protect human rights defenders, saying the only initiative she knew of was the programme on female rights defenders created by Komnas Perempuan.She recommended the setting up of mechanisms to probe complaints of violations committed against rights defenders as they work, and the removal of restrictive Government regulations that can impede defenders’ right to freedom of assembly and association.The Special Representative said she was particularly worried about the lack of protection for defenders working with socially sensitive issues, such as public awareness of HIV/AIDS or the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons.Ms. Jilani will report to the UN Human Rights Council later this year on her Indonesian visit, and said she looked forward to a sustained dialogue with Jakarta on the issues raised by her trip. read more

UN rights chief urges more global attention to wanton violence in Yemen

“Perhaps because of the violence engulfing so many other countries – relatively little attention is being paid to the situation in Yemen,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. “The past few weeks have seen dozens of people killed in a succession of bomb attacks in Yemen. Such wanton acts of indiscriminate violence are utterly deplorable.”Despite the formation of a new Government on 7 November aimed at ending a period of political turbulence and bringing about a full transition towards democracy, Yemen continues to be plagued by violence.Several bomb attacks in the last three weeks have killed a total of 86 people, with the most recent, a car bomb detonated outside a police college in the capital, Sana’a, the most deadly, killing 37 people.“What does anyone gain by slaughtering civilians – especially children – in this way?” Zeid said. “I urge all parties in Yemen to renounce the use of violence to avoid further loss of innocent lives and take concrete steps towards the immediate and effective implementation of the peace and partnership agreement.” Mr. Zeid also urged Yemeni security forces to ensure they used proportionate force when responding to incidents, amid reports of security personnel causing civilian deaths including one incident in December where live ammunition was fired to break up demonstrations.“Notwithstanding the difficult situation they face, it is essential that Government security personnel halt the use of excessive force, resulting in civilian deaths,” Mr. Zeid said. “Violations of international human rights law by all sides must be promptly, independently and effectively investigated to bring perpetrators to justice and ensure that victims’ right to justice and remedy is upheld.” read more

Meet Jeremy the lonely snail hoping to find a leftymate

first_imgJeremy the snail was originally found around a compost heap in Rayne’s Park, South West London by a retired scientist from the Natural History Museum, who spotted its unique traits.Having heard about Dr Davison’s interest in snail genetics, he contacted the Nottingham scientist before sending it on in the post.Scientists are calling on gardeners across Britain to scour their plots to see if they can find another snail with an anti-clockwise shell. Jeremy, a rare snail with an anti-clockwise shaped shell is seen at left Snails mate head to head so there sex organs must be on the right hand side   “However, they don’t really like doing this,” added Dr Davison. “From our perspective, the genetic data from offspring of two lefty snails would be far richer and more valuable to us.”Earlier this year, in research published in the journal Current Biology, Dr Davison and colleagues at universities in Edinburgh, Germany and the US, revealed they had discovered a gene that determines whether a snail’s shell twists in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.The same gene also affects body asymmetry in other animals – including humans – and research using these snails could offer the chance to develop our understanding of how organs are placed in the body and why this process can sometimes go wrong when some or all of the major internal organs are reversed from their normal placement.Garden snails court from 15 minutes to six hours by circling each other, touching with tentacles, and biting on the lip and genitalAnyone who thinks they have found a sinistral snail can email a picture of the snail to or tweet it using the hashtag #snaillove. Snails mate head to head so there sex organs must be on the right hand side  Life is not easy when you’re a sinistral mutant.Jeremy the garden snail was born with a rare genetic mutation which means his shell spirals anti-clockwise. Unless he finds another snail with a similar abnormality, he simply cannot mate.And it’s not just the aesthetics of his eccentric exterior which is putting off suitors. His left-handed make-up means his sex organ is also on the wrong side.Snails mate face-to-face, sliding past each other on the right hand side so that their genitalia can meet. To copulate Jeremy must beat one in million odds to find another snail which also has left-handed sex organs which are compatible with his own.Yet there is hope. The University of Nottingham is keen to study the genetics of left-sidedness, or ‘sinistral mutation’ and so is on the hunt for a partner for Jeremy so they can study his offspring.“This really is an exciting find – I have been studying snails for more than 20 years and I have never seen one of these before,” said Dr Angus Davison, associate professor at the university’s school of life sciences.“We are very keen to study the snail’s genetics to find out whether this is a result of a developmental glitch or whether this is a genuine inherited genetic trait. It is very rare. It might even be one in a million.“They mate in a face-to-face position and the genatalia are on the right had side of the body in a normal ‘righty’ snail and that means when you get two snails of the opposite kind trying to mate the genatalia just don’t match up. They can’t get it together.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Jeremy, a rare snail with an anti-clockwise shaped shell is seen at leftCredit:University of Nottingham “This is something which everyone can get involved with and which you can easily do on your own doorstep,” added Dr Davison.“There is a chance, because it is such a rare thing, that anyone who can find and identify another of these sinistral snails may even find themselves named as a contributor on a research paper we publish in the future as a result of this.Although he has been christened Jeremy, snails are actually hermaphrodites, and can reproduce on their own without the need for another mate.last_img read more

The importance of training and simulators – all the latest news and

first_imgIn an article in the December issue of International Mining, John Chadwick looks at some of the latest ideas in training and the growing global simulator population. In particular he considers the Murray & Roberts Training Academy (MRTA) in South Africa that is becoming a world leader.There is also news of Fortescue Metals Group’s tenth anniversary of its pioneering Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC).Immersive Technologies stresses the importance of checking “if your operator training program [is] inefficient and failing to prove return on investment? Too often training is done ‘for the sake of it’ or only to fulfil a compliance requirement.Wenco has released its latest mine performance solution, Wenco Learning. This online learning system was built in conjunction with corporate training consultants PRIME Learning.In the simulator news of the article there are more examples from Immersive Technology and the example of how a leading Nevada gold mining company recently enhanced its training operations and capabilities by acquiring a new haul truck simulator. The 700MV simulator, purchased from Doron Precision Systems is installed in a custom mobile trailer and is used for training haul truck drivers at multiple sites in Nevada.CM Labs says its new Motor Grader Training Pack “is the most advanced grader simulation available today.”Normet uses custom-built training simulator solutions from Mevea. These solutions include a wide range of training exercises for operators and service personnel. As part of the simulation package that ForgeFX developed for Joy Global’s (now Komatsu Mining) P&H mining equipment line, a custom training simulator shown in the article trains workers to operate a 4100XPC electric rope shovel.Training for underground blasting took a technological leap forward with the installation and commissioning of Africa’s first virtual reality blast wall with rear-view projection, powered by Simulated Training Solutions, at the MRTA.The MRTA has four of the latest generation ThoroughTec CYBERMINE simulators for the training of underground equipment operators. These include a Sandvik DD320 drill rig, DS310 bolter, Toro 40D ADT and an LH517 LHD.Dassault Systèmes and Exa Corp, a global innovator in simulation software for product engineering, have signed a definitive merger agreement for Dassault Systèmes to acquire Exa. With the addition of Exa, Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform will provide customers, the company says, “with a proven, diverse portfolio of combined Lattice Boltzmann fluid simulation technologies, as well as Exa’s fully industrialised solutions and nearly 350 highly experienced simulation professionals.”last_img read more

Changing a single gene allows mice to live 20 percent longer

first_imgA research team at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has been experimenting with changing mouse genes and seeing how it impacts their life. In a surprising discovery, when targeting just one gene change it was found they could extend the life of a mouse by 20 percent.To put that in context, in a human that would mean a life extension of around 16 years, or taking the average human life span from 79 to 95. On paper that sounds great, but it’s not all good news for the mouse and therefore wouldn’t be for humans either right now.The gene the researchers focused on is called mTOR and is associated with metabolism. By lowering its expression (to about 25 percent of what is normal) in a batch of mice they did indeed live longer. They also displayed better memory, balance, muscle strength, and posture as they aged. However, the health of their bones deteriorated more quickly and their immune system was weakened, suggesting that extra time alive wouldn’t really be worth it in terms of overall health.What it does prove is that the different parts of the body age at different rates. Toren Finkel, lead researcher on the project, describes it as a body having several aging clocks. Combined they determine the overall age of the body.One gene change has both positive and negative effects, but if research can get the mix of gene changes right it could result in a way of extending life without any major health downsides. At the very least it’s worth continuing the research to come up with new ways to treat specific diseases related to aging such as Alzheimer’s disease.[Image credit: polarqueen on Wikipedia]last_img read more

Addiction to video games is now a recognised illness

first_img Short URL Monday 18 Jun 2018, 7:51 AM Share1235 Tweet Email26 The behaviour pattern is of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning. The pattern of gaming behaviour may be continuous or episodic and recurrent. The gaming behaviour and other features are normally evident over a period of at least 12 months in order for a diagnosis to be assigned, although the required duration may be shortened if all diagnostic requirements are met and symptoms are severe.The move means that those affected can now receive treatment, with Britain’s NHS prepared to treat children for free.Anecdotal evidence suggests that the condition disproportionately effects younger people more connected to the ever-expanding online gaming world.But last month WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic cautioned that it was premature to speculate on the scope of the problem.“Gaming disorder is a relatively new concept and epidemiological data at the population level are yet to be generated”, he said.Despite the lack of hard data, “health experts basically agree that there is an issue” and that official inclusion in the ICD is the next appropriate step, Jasarevic said.“There are people who are asking for help”, he added, noting that formal recognition of the condition will help spur further research and resources committed to combating the problem.With AFP Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Paul Hosford Image: DPA/PA Images 34,195 Views 75 Comments Addiction to video games is now a recognised illness Those who suffer have trouble controlling their behaviours around gaming. File Image: DPA/PA Images ADDICTION TO VIDEO games will officially be recognised as a mental disorder from today.The World Health Organisation has included “gaming disorder” in a new draft of its International Classification of Diseases (ICD), which was released today.The entry for the illness says that those who suffer have trouble controlling their behaviours around gaming and give it precedence over the rest of their lives.“Gaming disorder is characterised by a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour (‘digital gaming’ or ‘video-gaming’), which may be online (i.e., over the internet) or offline, manifested by: 1) impaired control over gaming (e.g., onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context); 2) increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities; and 3) continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences. Jun 18th 2018, 7:51 AM Filelast_img read more

San Diego County takes steps toward a shelter for asylum seekers

first_imgSan Diego County takes steps toward a shelter for asylum seekers January 8, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County Supervisors Tuesday took steps toward helping asylum seekers with shelter, after a lengthy public hearing and considerable debate.The Board of Supervisors approved recommendations by Supervisors Greg Cox and Nathan Fletcher to:— Direct the chief administration office to find armories or other state properties;— Establish a six-month task force to address both long- and short- term solutions;— Direct the chief administration officer to find other properties to house asylum seekers;— Have the county look into funding resources to provide health services to asylum seekers, while seeking federal and state reimbursement.Any shelter proposal involving county money would need board approval first, as would any additional costs for health services.Gallery members applauded the board’s actions. While the board voted unanimously on three of the items, Supervisors Kristin Gaspar and Chairwoman Dianne Jacob voted no on the proposal to find places to house the asylum seekers.Gaspar said the county should use existing properties, while Jacob was concerned about the refugees staying longer than they’re supposed to.Activists working with the asylum seekers said many are fleeing extreme violence in Central American nations such as Guatemala and Honduras.Local human rights activists, along with service and faith-based organizations, say they have provided more than 4,200 migrants with critical humanitarian and transportation assistance since early November.Cox said that over the holidays, he and Fletcher visited a migrant shelter run by San Diego Rapid Response Network, and learned about the “selfless work going on there.” He pointed out that the federal government has granted the refugees permission to be in this country and then meet up with their sponsors.Cox said Tuesday’s action builds on the momentum started by Gaspar, who sent a letter to state and federal officials imploring them to solve the crisis.He also added that having shelter and proper services can lower the risk of a serious health crisis.Fletcher said Americans applaud immigrants who follow the law, and accused the federal government of failing to ensure that these immigrants have transportation and health care options.The county, he said, should meet a basic humanitarian obligation — otherwise, it could be a situation where immigrants are released but have nowhere to go.“Let’s ensure there’s a humane way they can be brought in before they are reunited with their families,” he said.Board members heard from numerous public speakers, most of whom supported the shelter options.San Diego “has a rich history of being a welcoming place for people looking for asylum,” said David Trujillo, of the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego and Imperial Counties.“Every asylum seeker has the right to humane treatment,” said Trujillo, who criticized federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement for releasing asylum seekers who don’t have a place to stay.“This is a leadership moment, and San Diego must provide leadership,” Trujillo added.Margaret Baker of SDRRN said she has seen refugees being exploited, and heard their accounts of mistreatment while in federal custody.“Men cry and fall into my arms,” she added.Not all speakers were in favor, however. Jill Barto, a board member of the Cajon Valley Union School District, said the county should help American citizens first, adding that she has friends with family members who’ve been waiting here for years for legal status.“The refugees should be helped, but volunteers should open up their homes,” she said.Barto added that years ago, her vehicle was struck in Georgia by an undocumented immigrant, something that affects her every day.Jacob said she has a lot of compassion for the immigrants.She added that as she listens to the volunteers helping families, she can’t help but think of the many homeless veterans needing a place to live. The county now has 1,312 homeless vets, Jacob added.“Our priority should be to take care of our own first,” Jacob said. “We do have a potential health crisis with the refugee situation, but we also have to press hard on the federal government to fix this.”Supervisor Jim Desmond agreed with Jacob, saying, “The county is the doorway to California, but is treated like a door mat.”Gaspar said that in November, she wrote a letter to then-Gov. Jerry Brown asking for state help to deal with food, travel assistance, medical care and shelter for refugees here.She said there was no response, so she sent another letter — this time with support from mayors of regional cities, including San Diego and Chula Vista.Again, Gaspar added, there was no response — but she hopes that Gov. Gavin Newsom will have a different attitude. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Posted: January 8, 2019 KUSI Newsroom last_img read more

Amazon Echo Dot deal 3 for 70

first_imgEnlarge Image Ry Crist/CNET Both Amazon and Best Buy have the Echo Dot (third generation) on sale for $40 or $10 off its list price of $50. But if you add three Echo Dots — any color — to your cart and proceed to checkout, the price goes down to $23.33 per Dot for a total of $69.96, not including tax. For Cyber Monday last year Amazon had single Echo Dots for $24 each, so this is essentially the same deal. On Amazon, just remember to proceed to checkout to see the discounted price. You can read CNET’s full review of the Echo Dot here.Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.See it at AmazonSee it at Best BuyBe sure to add three Dots to your cart to see the discount, on both sites. Best Buy See It Adorama Share your voice $29 Crutchfield 17 Photos Review • Amazon Echo Dot 3 review: Alexa’s best Dot yet plays defense Transform your Amazon Echo Dot with two new dock accessories Mentioned Above Amazon Echo Dot (third-generation, Charcoal) See it 1:54 $29 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. $49center_img Amazon Echo Dot See It $49 See It The new Amazon Echo Dot: Does it sound better than before? Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. Tags News • Amazon launches new Alexa device for kids but privacy issues will still scare some parents Smart Home Preview • Amazon’s third Echo Dot takes a few cues from the Google Home Mini Now playing: Watch this: 0 Post a comment Amazonlast_img read more

Body of man found in canal in Nalgonda district

first_imgNalgonda: G venkanna of Sappidi Gudem had lost control of his bike and died after falling into a canal at the outskirts of Akkenepally village of Narketpally Mandal in Nalgonda district. This incident took place on Saturday late night, but came to light on Sunday, when pedestrians of Akkenepally village found his body in the drainage canal. Upon receiving the information, the Narketpally police rushed to the spot and shifted the body to Nalgonda District Hospital for postmortem.last_img

Moscow says no Russian missile involved in MH17 plane crash

first_imgIn this file photo taken on September 09, 2014 shows part of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 at the crash site in the village of Hrabove (Grabovo), some 80km east of Donetsk. Photo : AFPMoscow on Thursday rejected an international investigation that found a Russian missile downed flight MH17 over Ukraine in 2014, saying no such weapon had ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border and blaming Kiev for the tragedy.”Not a single anti-aircraft missile system from the Russian Federation has ever crossed the Russia-Ukraine border,” the defence ministry said in a statement carried by local news agencies.The ministry accused Ukraine of being behind the disaster in which 298 people died, saying it had presented evidence that “showed the involvement of Ukrainian units using (Soviet-designed) BUK missiles”.Earlier in the day, a Netherlands-led joint investigation team said — for the first time — that the missile which brought down the plane over eastern Ukraine came from a Russian military brigade.The group “has come to the conclusion that the BUK-TELAR that shot down MH17 came from 53rd Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade based in Kursk in Russia,” top Dutch investigator Wilbert Paulissen said.He told reporters gathered for a press conference that “the 53rd Brigade forms part of the Russian armed forces.”The Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 was blown out of the sky over conflict-torn eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014 while en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.Ukraine and its Western allies have long accused Russia of funnelling troops and arms across the border to fan the flames of the conflict.Moscow has denied the allegations despite overwhelming evidence that it has been involved in the fighting and its explicit political support for the rebels.Investigators had previously concluded that the plane was hit by a Russian-made BUK missile system brought in from Russia and fired from territory in Ukraine held by Moscow-backed rebels. But they had stopped short of directly saying who pulled the trigger.Now the team has painstakingly recreated the route taken by the missile convoy from Kursk towards the border into Ukraine using videos and photos.last_img read more

Gang of girls

first_imgComing from a musically rich background, Sawani Shende has made a mark of her own in the Classical music genre. She started performing at the age of 10 and has never looked back since then. She has now started an international venture with the music icon Tina Turner. Read on..How did your musical journey start?The journey of my concerts started when I was invited to perform at the Pt. Vishnu Digambar Jayanti Samaroh in Delhi when I was thirteen. On the same day, I was honoured when I performed for the then President of India, R Venkatraman at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. I have come up with numerous albums since then. I have been performing abroad in concerts right since 1998. I have toured many countries like USA, Canada, Qatar, Switzerland and Germany. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’ Tell us about your album Beyond and how is it different from many others?Beyond Love Within is a really unique album. It’s not just any other spiritual album but its an album comprising of three different religions and cultures – Hinduism, Christianism and Buddhism. This venture is all about female power. What are your contributions in the band that makes it special?I have chosen some traditional Hindu shlokas as well as some new self  composed verses for this album in praise of Goddess Saraswati, Lami, Parvati, Durga etc. I have also sung a Meera Bhajan in this album. The striking feature is that I have composed all the tunes for the Hindu texts myself. My training in Hindustani classical music made it easier for me to adapt to the western harmonies keeping the gist , originality and grace of our material intact with its own individual identity. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixHow would you define your musical philosophy?I strongly believe that music is the fastest and the nearest path to reach up to god! I sing not only to please the audience and make them happy but to please god as I want to worship Him through my singing.In our country, how easy (or difficult) is it to make a mark in the music scene? What do you think the main issues are?Our country has great musical heritage which we should be proud of. The great Indian classical music tradition is acclaimed worldwide and people have started to know the importance of this music not only for entertainment but for great spiritual values like peace and meditation. The main problem I think is that the youth should understand the importance of this rich musical heritage rather than just running behind commercial music and show biz. We should strive to preserve our own culture with pride and try to take it across Indian boundaries. Tell us a bit about your music. What defines your music and songs?My music is a blend of the kirana and Gwalior gharanas of Indian classical music. Also i love to perform semi classical genres like thumri, dadra and bhajans. I always like to combine my performance with strong traditional values as well as aesthetical valuesWhat suggestions/advice would you have for newbie’s in music?There is no shortcut to success. Music should have values of dignity, peace and meditation. You should keep on adding new things to the mainstream but at the same time be grounded to your roots. Be proud of your country and its cultural values.last_img read more

iPhone Forever Promotion Offers You to Upgrade to an iPhone for 22Month

first_img Share Tweet Submit If you have been craving to get a new iPhone but couldn’t save up enough dollars to do that, here is one awesome deal that might help you. Sprint has announced today a new promotion for iPhone users that will allow you to get a new iPhone anytime using the “iPhone Forever” program. Want to know how easy on pocket this deal actually is? Following are all the details. Sprint “iPhone Forever” promotion starts today:If you are a Sprint customer, all you have to do is walk into a Sprint store or alternatively, a Best Buy or Target store to upgrade to iPhone 6. This promotion is valid for all those subscribers who are using a previous version of the iPhone and want to upgrade to the latest device. If you go for this promotion, your monthly bill will include a fee of $22 per month.However, if you want to trade-in a smartphone, you can upgrade to the 16 GB iPhone at the promotional leasing fee of only $15 a month. This offer is valid till December 31, 2015. iPhone Forever offer is also applicable on the upcoming iPhone 6s expected in September. You can trade-in your iPhone right now to upgrade to the next-gen iPhone at the same leasing fees of $15. Following are all these 3 iPhone Forever offers by Sprint:1. Get a 16GB iPhone 6 model for $22 (or the $15 special promotional price with trade-in) when you activate on any individual unlimited plan or family share pack plan.2. Upgrade to the latest iPhone by the end of the year and keep the $15 a month special promotion price.3. At your next upgrade, the monthly cost is $22. (Excludes taxes and service plan charges.)Stuck in a contract with another carrier? Not anymore. Sprint will pay off your old phone and contract so you can switch. It’s that easy.Sprint has also posted a chart comparing its iPhone Forever promotion with similar offers by other carriers. Well, if you are an Sprint user, you would appreciate all these savings that Sprint promises with this promotion.center_img – iPhone Foreverlast_img read more

Two new Palladium resorts are coming to Cancun

first_img Share Two new Palladium resorts are coming to Cancun Posted by IBIZA — Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula will soon welcome two new Palladium Hotel properties, one for adults only and the other family-friendly.Opening in the fall of 2018, the project will include the Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa, and the adults-only TRS Coral Hotel, as well as a ‘Village’ that includes a variety of restaurants, bars, kids clubs and amphitheatre.Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa will offer 673 rooms and a unique system of canals that will allow guests to access all points of the resort by boat. Each room will boast a balcony or terrace, with some rooms including premium features like direct access ‘swim-up’ pools or hydro massage hot tubs on private balconies. Families and groups in particular will love the amenities at this resort, which include nine restaurants, four swimming pools (one exclusively for children) and a 16,000 square-foot convention centre with capacity for 1,380 people. As for activities and entertainment, guests can enjoy snorkelling, diving, yoga and pilates, and live music shows at open-air terraces. Plus, there’ll be a special family area and the 51,020 square-foot Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness centre.More news:  CIE Tours launches first-ever River Cruise CollectionMeanwhile, the 473-room TRS Coral Hotel will represent the rebrand of Palladium Hotel Group’s adults-only products, and the introduction of its new all-inclusive service that aims to provide ‘Infinite Indulgence’, with no limits, to all guests. Adult guests will have access to the facilities and services offered at Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa and the Village, where they will be offered unlimited and preferential access. Resort highlights include four à la carte restaurants in addition to the nine at Grand Palladium, an Ibiza-style beach club with infinity pool and poolside service, a spa and a fitness zone.Both properties are located near Cancun’s International Airport (35 minutes by car). The region, which is largely untouched, is in the most northern point of Cancun in Costa Mujeres, home to virgin beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of coral reefs and marine species. While this will be a brand new development, Palladium Hotel Group remains dedicated to sustainable tourism by carrying out extensive environmental studies to ensure minimal impact on the land. Travelweek Group center_img Wednesday, September 27, 2017 Tags: Palladium Hotels & Resorts << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

World Video Game Hall of Fame to announce inductee

first_imgWorld Video Game Hall of Fame to announce inductees by The Associated Press Posted May 2, 2019 5:21 am PDT ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The World Video Game Hall of Fame is ready to honour a new group of games for their impact on the industry and pop culture over time.The class of 2019 will be inducted Thursday morning at The Strong museum in Rochester, where the hall of fame is housed.Officials announced the 12 finalists in March. In the running for induction this year were: “Candy Crush,” ”Centipede,” ”Colossal Cave Adventure,” ”Dance Dance Revolution,” ”Half-Life,” ”Microsoft Solitaire,” ”Mortal Kombat,” ”Myst,” ”NBA 2K,” ”Sid Meier’s Civilization,” ”Super Mario Kart” and “Super Smash Bros. Melee.”This will be the fifth class to be inducted since the World Video Game Hall of Fame was established in 2015. Last year, “John Madden Football,” ”Spacewar!” ”Tomb Raider” and “Final Fantasy VII” were honoured.The Associated Presscenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Extra protection for MEP whose website was hacked

first_imgMEP Eleni Theocharous will be getting an extra police guard after her personal website was attacked by a Turkish hacker group earlier this month, reports said.According to news outlet Sigmalive, Theocharous, who also heads the Solidarity Movement, had asked for an increase in her guard following the incident.The outlet said her request was approved by the cabinet, which raised her security detail to three from two.Her site, was hacked by hacker group Aslan Neferler Tim – Lion soldiers’ team – which redirected to a video featuring the speeches of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.Last year, the same group hacked Armenian government websites.In February, Azerbaijan issued international arrest warrants for three MEPs, including Theocharous, over their visit to breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh during a referendum earlier that month.According to reports, the Azerbaijani general prosecutor’s office included Theocharous, Frank Engel from Luxembourg, and Jaromír Štětina from the Czech Republic on its most wanted list.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoFreedom Debt ReliefPeople In Heavy CC Debt Are In For Big SurpriseFreedom Debt ReliefUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Beekeepers warned to remove dry vegetation from hive areas

first_imgThe agriculture ministry on Saturday called on beekeepers to remove dry grass from around their apiaries to prevent hives being destroyed by brush fires.In a written statement, the ministry also recommended avoiding the placement of apiaries in areas that may cause disturbance, such as in residential or livestock areas. It also stressed the need for the placement of water troughs for bees.Beekeepers, it said, were obliged to write their names, address and / or telephone on each hive, along with the appropriate marking as allocated by the agriculture department – the district, the beekeeper’s registration number, and apiary number – for easy identification of the owner.The announcement follows a warning by the met service of extremely high temperatures on Saturday and following a large fire in Ypsonas some two weeks ago, which burned approximately half a square kilometre of vegetation but also a number of apiaries. It also killed farm animals and dogs.You May LikeNovelodgeMore Parents Are Now Gluing Pennies To The Bottoms of Their Kids ShoesNovelodgeUndo23minutos.comTips for perfect skin23minutos.comUndoSkip and GiggleThey Had No Clue This Was On Their PropertySkip and GiggleUndo Cyprus’ Dothraki warriorUndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoCypriot ambassadors gather in Nicosia for annual briefingUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

On the website of past and present the core principles of the search engine you really understand it

need to focus on is: search

navigation website appears, the search engine appears


due to the large popularity of mobile tools, along with the social media trend of explosive development, and business concern, website owners are increasingly concerned about the current means of network marketing, it seems Shanghai Longfeng prospects uncertain, in four or five years ago as the Shanghai dragon fire such as the tea industry, now more and more few people interested. In the study of social marketing, WeChat marketing etc.. read more

Understanding the characteristics of micro-blog and grasping the opportunity and way of micro-blog

young people now, play QQ has out, micro-blog is the high-end western style Internet essentials. In the wave of WEB2.0, micro-blog is coming to us with an irresistible trend. Grassroots blog, star blog, micro-blog has quietly become a part of our life.

2009 in August China largest portal launched the "Sina micro-blog" beta version, become the first portal to provide micro-blog service website, micro-blog officially entered the Chinese Internet mainstream crowd vision. Let’s look at the domestic micro-blog registered users. Micro-blog: Sina

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