French adapts to life without his PCL

first_imgDespite the result against the Cowboys in Darwin last week, French said he got some confidence out of the game personally.”I thought it was my best game since I’ve been back,” he said after setting match-highs in tackle busts (seven) and kicks defused (three) in the 32-6 loss. “Each week it’ll get more confident.”The biggest differences French has found without the ligament there are in stability and agility – pretty key areas for a fullback whose game is based largely around speed, evasiveness and footwork.”My first few weeks back my straight running was sweet but side to side I struggled a bit,” he said.”The game on the weekend I felt a lot better going side to side. It’s only going to keep better. I’ve got to adapt to it and it will feel normal in the next couple of weeks.”The other immediate challenge for French to adapt to is a new playmaking roster at the Eels, with Saturday’s loss to the Cowboys the first game new recruit Mitch Moses has played alongside senior half Corey Norman.It would be unkind to blame the huge loss on the new halves combination given how thoroughly the Cowboys outplayed the Eels on Saturday but no doubt the new combinations will take some time to get used to. “Yeah we can’t dish up a performance like that again. Our effort was there but I think everyone needs to own their role and attention to detail we need to pick up before we take on the Dragons,” French said.”[The combinations are] going pretty good. [It was] Mitch and Normy’s first game on the weekend and you saw the effects of that. It’s only going to get better each week.”The boys are very confident in what we can produce. It’s not just them with how the spine is coming along. It’s every player in the 17; on the weekend we were all off our game. We have to pick that up if we’re going to be playing finals footy.”Moses will have plenty of eyes on him every time he plays given his high-profile mid-season switch from the Wests Tigers and he was always going to take time to find his feet in a new system. While his defence has come in for particular criticism, French said it was unfair to blame one new player when the team as a whole isn’t firing.”It doesn’t just come down to Mitch. It’s everyone else in the team,” French said.”If everyone else in the team is not playing good then you can’t expect him to pull a rabbit out of the hat and make things happen. If the whole team is going well you’ll see Mitch going well.”The fullback said combination between himself, Moses and Norman – plus hooker Kaysa Pritchard – was developing quickly at training.”Me and Mitch formed a pretty good relationship and I’ve had Normy there for a couple of games last year and the start of this year,” he said.”That will all come along with time together. We do it well at training but when we get to the game our preparation side of things – it only takes two or three players not to be on their game and it puts everyone else out. “It’s not just us three preparing and focusing on ourselves. We have the whole team during video and we talk about the whole team being on. We can’t just have us three working well and the rest of the team not preparing well. We are doing everything as a squad because it’s mostly the squad that are having a few concentration lapses that are hurting us.” When French twisted his left knee at training back in Round 6, there were initial fears of a season-ending anterior cruciate ligament injury.However French ended up missing just five games, which was a blessing for coach Brad Arthur given the injury curse that saw stars Corey Norman and Michael Jennings headlining a lengthy injury list.Unlike an ACL, PCLs aren’t necessary for the knee to function but French said it did take some getting used to the change in stability, a process he is still adjusting to.”It has been a bit hard,” French confessed at an Eels media session ahead of a Round 15 clash with the Dragons.”I knew coming back it would take a bit of time for my knee getting used to playing without the ligament there.”last_img read more

Murillo completes the defense of five for the trip to the Bernabéu

first_imgThe medical services del Celta granted yesterday the medical discharge to Jeison Murillo, so Oscar can carry out his plan to play with a five defense, just as he did in the Camp Nou and in Mestalla. The Colombian defender has been a fundamental piece since his arrival in the past winter market. In fact, the numbers guarantee its performance, since its signing has half reduced The number of conceded goals for the whole Vigués. Without Murillo, Celta conceded 29 goals in 15 days (1.5 per game), while with the coffeemaker he only received three goals in four duels (0.75 per encounter). The injury of Jeison Murillo last Sunday against Sevilla alerted the celestial coaching staff, although it was finally a mild ailment and Oscar can count on the defender this same weekend against the Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabéu. The former Barça player suffered a sprain in the medial collateral ligament of your right knee and he only stayed four days in the olive nursery. Yesterday completed the training with absolute normal together with the rest of the group, without any limitation, and the medical services decided to grant their approval to play at the end of the closed session at the sports facilities of A Madroa. Murillo’s recovery clarify the picture for Oscar at the Bernabéu. The Catalan coach will bet on a five defense, with the Colombian flanked by Aidoo and Araujo on the axis of defense. Kevin Vázquez and Lucas Olaza will act of laneslast_img read more

Charlie Smith hunt big win against Mona

first_img NECK INJURY Former champions Charlie Smith High will be on the hunt for goals when they face lowly Mona High in the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA)-FLOW Manning Cup Group D football match at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex in Trench Town today, starting at 3:30 p.m. Charlie Smith have nine points, the same as Waterford High and Holy Trinity High in the group. However, Waterford enjoy a better goal difference ahead of Holy Trinity and Charlie Smith. Mona and Clan Carthy High are in fourth and fifth place, respectively, on one point apiece. With the return games in the preliminary stage set to begin today, Jerome Waite, head coach of Charlie Smith, says the group is competitive for the top spot, so winning the game against Mona by a wide margin is important. “First and foremost, the players have to dig themselves out of the situation. Waterford and Holy Trinity are good teams and that makes the group competitive,” Waite told The Gleaner yesterday. “I’m expecting the team to score (many) goals tomorrow (today) as we are currently in third position on goal difference,” he explained. “The Mona team is out of contention, but we can’t take them lightly. We have to go out there in a positive mindset,” Waite added. Charlie Smith will be without first-choice goalkeeper Shamarlee Clayton, who is out for about three weeks because of a neck injury sustained in the team’s 2-0 loss to Holy Trinity last Tuesday. In that game, Clayton was knocked down by a Holy Trinity player. Also, Kemar James was injured in the same game. “It will be a loss as the goalie (Clayton) is very competent. He will be replaced by DeAndre Hutchinson. It is a touch-and-go situation with Kemar James. I’m not sure if he will play,” Waite disclosed. McCauley McIntosh, Mona’s sportsmaster, says the spirit in the team is not high, following three losses and a draw in the first round. “Some of the players (have) lost the spirit of winning, especially the senior ones. The team is in turmoil,” McIntosh disclosed ahead of today’s match. “However, the team gave Charlie a good fight in the first game and promised to also give it their all against them again. I’m expecting another tough game,” he added. In the other Group E game of high interest, joint leaders Waterford and Holy Trinity are engaged in a crucial clash. Waterford edged Holy Trinity 1-0 in the first game two weeks ago. In a Group A encounter, Excelsior High are expected to again get the better of Tarrant High. In the first game, Excelsior drubbed Tarrant 4-0 at Excelsior two weeks ago. Today’s games Tarrant High vs Excelsior High Greater Portmore High vs Tivoli Gardens High Eltham High vs STATHS Holy Trinity vs Waterford Charlie Smith High vs Mona High (Home teams are named first and all games start at 3:30 p.m.)last_img read more

Poetry October 23, 2014

first_imgVoice of a GhostBy: Eric G. Gbanlon (0886220513)As I cried and rolled in ashes,They stood and started to boast;With my blood at the brim of their glasses,They laughed and began to toast.Allowing my organs to rot in separate places,Was that which hurt me the most;Like paint, my blood besmeared the bushesLike rocks, my bones filled the coast.The work is done, it’s time for wagesIn equal measures, we eat what we roast;They ate me; they are human-phages,They are now being hunted by my ghost. Liberia’s New Civil WarBy Kenneth Y. Best, Jr.(A Poem, Inspired by the Daily Observer Editorial: ‘Caring For Our Ebola Orphans’)This is the new civil war, fought by an unseen, chemical enemyRaging across West Africa and stretching towards the places we think of when dreaming of peace and securityNo one knows how long we will fight and what it will take to winMany don’t know the names of the thousands who have met their dreadful endAnd just like our previous, not so distant civil war,This too will take advantage of all its orphaned children –The real survivors: their small, strong bodies and brave souls, independent but vulnerableWhich army will they join? What kinds of weapons will they hold?What will be their legacy? What will they be told when they are left alone, or when strangers come to hold them?Will families come to their rescue? Or will they be left to the care of those strangers, who seek to comfort their souls?Or will predators snatch them away into danger, to abuse and control?And what of their siblings, cousins and friends who succumb to the fate of their parents – who will bury them?If they do survive and are yet unable to tell, who will be their voices?Who will be the buckets that dip into those wells? And what shall come up?Who will give them chances, and what shall be their choices?Mama’s market won’t sell; she just buried her oldest child andAll her neighbors have shunned her, so the younger must go hungry awhileNurses will not take them in; hospitals are too full, or vacant –Overflowing with infected patients or emptied from being overrunIn the on-going crises of uncontainable contaminationA terrified, angry, suspicious population defending their habitations will riotWhile the invisible enemy triggers mistrust along community lines,like villages surrounded by wild firesSo now, mama can’t even go to the next town to buy food, let alone sellSurvival all over again is the only pastime, and time will tell if the past will repeat itselfIn the meantime,NO hugsNO kissesNot even a secret handshake,Or barely a long look of sincere affection for comfort’s sakeGot to watch who’s behind or beside you; can’t see who’s next to fallImagine the pain of a parent whose child has been deniedOr the horror of a child whose parent has just diedHow quick the transition from a hospital door to death’s dark corridorsAn invisible enemy has broken down nations, ravaged communities, and decimated familiesAnd they are saying that a cure is hard to come by…because over here, we’re too poorWe haven’t even begun to hear the children crying, or to see the coming rage in their eyes, or the after effects of their growing up and asking us, “Why”?The new civil war has hit closer to home and caused more damage in shorter time than any previous calamity ever known in West AfricaAnd its name is Ebola: so dangerous, so silentWe have not known this scale of war before; maybe the NativeAmericans of June 1763, or the Tuskegee Airmen of the Jim Crow era – but no, not us…not weNo overthrow was required – in fact, it infiltrated our government,Broke down economies and evaporated the poor; even global markets are affectedPreparedness and awareness were the initial casualties, then came mass suffering as people just expiredThe desperate cries for help, the bodies in the streets, African doctors killed in action against this enemyWhile foreign doctors live to escape – somehow, we’re disconnected from a better fateAnd the media coverage of this epidemic, so demeaning, as if some of us don’t know what’s really going on – we see through the silver screen, but dimlyAnd as if we brought this on ourselves…But then again, who’s to say that we didn’t? Can God’s anger be questioned?Can we hold back the scourge? Can we still learn our lessons?Eric Duncan would have testified, but he didn’t live to tell of his own survival;It will be those of his household who tell it for him, and not to his revivalSo: to aspiring nurses protecting yourselves and healing your families, God bless youI pray that in some way, God will make it so I can help youTo all the Ebola Orphans, I hope to one day give you better namesThan the stigmas this war has placed upon you for your shameI wish to bring you hugs, put you on airplanes,Not to quarantine but to give you the love that you’re used to, or haven’t yet receivedAnd sweeter dreams than the nightmares you are living,Higher truths than the lies you are forced to believeYou are our future, our heritage – not another national emergencyThe Lord said He would make thy plagues wonderful,Because of the sins of your forefathers – and so He has, indeedBut children, my heart is with you urgently in this heavy fight for your lifeBecause you are all loved andBECAUSE ALL OF US ARE RESBONSIBLEEach one of us is accountable for the least of our people, as taught by ChristAnd through all this, His eyes watch diligently from aboveAs we struggle day by day with the silent killer, Ebola, in this NewLiberian Civil War Scars of a tired nationBy: Lekpele NyamalonWhat more can a country take?Stories of children that can’t live in peaceTreating each other like strangers from afarThe sons returning and the ones they metFighting for a space left by Mama1980-panic splashed upon the face of Africa’s oldest childBringing down the walls a century highBuilding another 100ft higherShaking to shreds young old mamaPromising her a lie to leave her aloneWhat a tired country she has becomeStanding alone on a continent she blossomedLeft alone by countries she led to IndependenceA troubled house is always lonelySuch a land she stands to beHer place in history forgotten by men of timeLeft to maggots and bugs to chewAnd spit into history’s shredderHer prints erased from the archives of Africa’s glossaryAnd left to wander- gathering crumbsCouldn’t her sons keep her diaryOf how generous a home she hadGiving a shelter for Africa’s neglected,Spewing hope into a lifeless continentDoomed by colonialism and whisked by fear?She went in shock and comatoseFor 14years her eyes couldn’t blink nor winkOnly ears of thunder and terrorWith a sigh of relief to live againHer candle is lit in a thunderstormThe scars of a tired nation are eating up againThe face of EBOLA shatters the dreamTo put together a wretched, lonely lifeCould this scar flip into a star?And shine forever? Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) TimeBy: Lekpele Nyamalon Oh time and time onlyWho can trust you?I dare not do, or I’ll be lonelyNo one dares, only you.When the sun smilesYou’ll just show up- the journey beginsSoaring above slowly as you riseWhile we hurry to meet your flapping wingsThou art the holder of fateOnly thy arms holdeth the hoursAnd thy breadth and mind knoweth the dateWhen we miss you, our time here is only a tourlast_img read more

1 dead after fight at Psychiatric Hospital

first_imgThe gates locked to keep the media outBy: Andrew CarmichaelA fight at the National Psychiatric Hospital in Berbice on Monday has left one man dead and another facing a murder charge. The dead man has been identified as 28-year-old Stephon Francis of Kitty, Georgetown.Based on information received, the fight reportedly took place shortly before midnight on Sunday after the suspect and other inmates attempted to take away some items belonging to the now dead man.Francis reportedly celebrated his birthday on Sunday and his mother travelled to Berbice to take snacks and other eatables. However, it was while protecting his belongings that he fell and hit his head.He was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.Director of Regional Health Services Jevaughn Stevens confirmed that there was a fight during which Francis fell and hit his head.“We at Regional regret this incident very much and we will work close with the police and other staff to find out why an incident of this nature did occur and to ensure that this is a one-time thing and does not happen again,” the Director said.He noted that Francis was a substance abuse patient and not a patient who has mental health issues.“It is unfortunate that these cases are sent to us on a regular basis. Forty per cent of our patients are substance abuse patients and another high percentage of them are persons coming through the court system and have remand dates but we have to take care of them because the Court Order states that they must be sent to the National Psychiatric Hospital. All together it poses a challenge to our healthcare service. In most cases, we find that these persons who come through the court system and the substance abusers have a tendency of becoming violent,” Stephens added. However, he could not say whether Francis was a violent patient.The Health Service Director noted that many of the patients that come through the court system would form themselves into gangs thus resulting in many fights.“I think this aided in what happened last evening. We do regret what happened and we are awaiting on the police to give us a thorough report.”Meanwhile, Administrator of the National Psychiatric Hospital Luann Sulker instructed the guards on duty to ask the media to leave the compound after which the gates were locked.Addressing the matter, the Health Services Director admitted that the National Psychiatric Hospital is a public facility and the media should not have been locked out.“I want to apologise to the members of the media. All our services are public services and we are opened to the media at any time. I personally have an open-door policy when it comes to the media and I will ensure that my staff and even the guard company is reminded of that.”Meanwhile, the suspect was taken into custody as Police continue to investigate. The suspect is also said to be a substance abuse patient and was taken to the institution about a week ago.Information coming out of the National Psychiatric Hospital indicate that it was not the first time that Francis or the suspect were involved in fights at the institution. Several reports were lodged at the New Amsterdam Police Station pertaining to fights involving the now dead man and the suspect.Chalet Four at the National Psychiatric Hospital where the incident occurredDead: Stephon Francislast_img read more

Almost one in six claim workplace bias

first_img “This insight into the perceptions of discrimination by a sampling of the work force will aid us as we continue our emphasis on proactive prevention, outreach and law enforcement,” added Cari M. Dominguez, who chairs the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Among other findings: Most complaints involved gender bias (26 percent), followed by race (23 percent), age (17 percent), favoritism (12 percent) and disability (9 percent). Most allegations centered on promotion decisions (33 percent), followed by pay (29 percent), hiring (13 percent), harassment (11 percent), work conditions (3 percent) and assignments (2 percent). The poll was based on telephone interviews with 1,252 adults from March 7, 2005, to May 8, 2005. It was conducted in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the EEOC. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals “These data make it pretty clear that it makes good business sense to have operable diversity efforts in organizations,” said Max Larsen, the Gallup Organization’s government division partner. He added that happy employees reduce turnover and promote the company through word-of-mouth praise. Workplace bias suits have been in the forefront in the past year. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. currently is fighting the nation’s largest employment lawsuit, which alleges that 1.6 million current and former women employees earned less than men and were bypassed for promotions. The U.S. Supreme Court also has shown interest, agreeing earlier this week to consider how much authority employers have in transferring workers who claim discrimination. Last term, justices expanded the scope of the Title IX gender equity law and loosened standards in alleging age bias. The Gallup poll determined that the actual rate of illegal discrimination is probably between 9 percent and 15 percent, since many of the complaints alleged unfairness involving favoritism, sexual orientation and education that are not generally covered by federal law. Still, the number reported reflects a need by employers to promote diversity, sponsors said, noting that employees who worked in companies rating high in that area reported the greatest overall satisfaction and loyalty. WASHINGTON – Nearly one out of every six U.S. employees say they were discriminated against at work in the past year, with women more than twice as likely as men to claim bias over hiring and pay, according to a new poll. The poll released Thursday by the Gallup Organization found that middle-age women and minorities were more likely to report being victims. Out of the part-time and full-time workers interviewed by telephone, women were more than twice as likely to claim discrimination (22 percent) as men (9 percent). Among racial groups, Asians and blacks led the pack (31 percent and 26 percent, respectively) in saying they were treated unfairly, followed by Hispanics (18 percent) and then whites (12 percent). Broken down by age, 18 percent of employees alleging discrimination were age 40-49, followed by 17 percent for those age 50-59, and 15 percent for workers age 30-39. Complaints by those age 60 and over, as well as younger workers age 18-29, were divided evenly at 11 percent. last_img read more

Who’s behind the Jon Gruden Twitter parody account?

first_imgThe real Jon Gruden has disappointed this season, to say the least, but the fake Jon Gruden has been right on point.While the 55-year-old trades his best player, leads the Raiders to an underwhelming 1-5 start and inspires fans to make a website counting down the milliseconds until his 10-year contract expires, a 26-year-old public relations and content specialist at a real estate investment firm in Ohio takes advantage.Justin Greear created the Jon Gruden Twitter parody account before the …last_img read more

Mars Rovers Enter New Phase of Exploration

first_imgSpirit and Opportunity both still have both spirit and opportunity.  Mission scientists said yesterday that the rovers have reached new locations that provide new targets for scientific research; it’s like starting the missions all over again, they commented.    Spirit has reached the Columbia Hills, where it hopes to climb and explore rock outcrops.  It has also discovered some of the same nodules and layering seen on the other side of the planet, and some unusual cusps called cobra hoods.  Opportunity has made tentative downhill tracks that prove it is safe to enter Endurance Crater.  It sees a geological contact ahead that looks interesting.  Both rovers, with only minor glitches, are fit as a fiddle and ready to move.Since this is a work in progress, it is premature to draw conclusions; it’s a time to enjoy the postcards from this vicarious adventure.(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Introducing ReadWriteWeb’s New COO: Sean Ammirati

first_imgI’m pleased to announce a new executive appointment to ReadWriteWeb, our new Chief Operating Officer Sean Ammirati. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Sean has been an occasional writer on ReadWriteWeb since March 2007 and hosted our podcast show ReadWriteTalk. Prior to becoming ReadWriteWeb’s COO, Sean was Co-Founder & CEO at venture-backed startup mSpoke. He’s also been a research fellow at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Industry Center. Sean will assume responsibility for sales, business development and operations. You can reach him at Sean is at the Supernova conference this week in San Francisco, so if you’re there too then feel free to greet him in the hallways.I’d like to thank our outgoing COO, Bernard Lunn. You will see Bernard’s name around in 2010 I’m sure, as he’s going to be working on a new startup opportunity.2009 has beena great year for ReadWriteWeb and in partnershipwith FM Publishing, we’ve gained significant revenue growth during this time.So I thank Bernard for driving this for us and we wish him all thebest in his future endeavors.2010 is going to be another big year for ReadWriteWeb, so we’re excited to have Sean on board! Tags:#Admin#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… richard macmanuscenter_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts last_img read more

BJP, IPFT to contest Tripura rural bypolls separately

first_imgThe ruling BJP and its ally Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura will contest the by-elections for the three-tier panchayat separately, fuelling speculation about fissures within the fledgling coalition, which in March ended the 25-year-long Left rule in the State.By-elections on 3,207 seats of gram panchayats, 161 panchayat samitis and 18 zilla parishads will take place on September 30.Large-scale resignationsThe seats fell vacant after large-scale resignations by elected public representatives since the BJP- IPFT government came to power on March 9.Chairman of the panchayat election committee of BJP and Minister for Education Ratan Lal Nath said that the party wanted “to check its strength alone.”“We have spoken with IPFT on this. BJP wants to check its strength alone,” Mr. Nath said as he revealed the list of 3,155 candidates for the polls.Mr. Nath said 2,980 candidates would contest on gram panchayats seats, 157 on panchayat samiti seats and 18 on zilla parishad seats.The candidates for the other seats would be declared later, he added.Meanwhile, both the BJP and the IPFT have started filing of nominations from Friday.IPFT general secretary Mangal Debbarma too announced that his party was contesting the bypolls alone and will field candidates against the BJP.‘No seat-sharing’“There was no discussion between BJP and IPFT on seat-sharing. Before announcing the candidates list, Mr. Nath just talked to our president N.C. Debbarma yesterday,” the IPFT general secretary said on Friday. “So, we are contesting the by-elections separately and will field candidates against each other,” he added.Ever since the coalition was formed in March last year, unease was visible among the two partners who have often taken opposing stands on various issues.The two parties had earlier announced that they will be contesting the 2019 Lok Sabha elections separately as well. Tripura has two Lok Sabha seats.BJP spokesperson Mrinal Kanti Deb clarified that the BJP’s alliance with IPFT was for the Assembly elections only.“The purpose was to form the government in Tripura. Lok Sabha election is a different issue,” Mr. Deb said.Meanwhile, Opposition Congress said it would contest on all seats of the three-tier panchayat while the CPI(M) too declared that it would try to contest on as many seats as possible.last_img read more