How To Make Your Expensive Gear Investment Last Forever

first_imgSo, you saved up and bought the camera package of your dreams. Here’s how to make sure that money doesn’t go to waste once the next camera comes along.Top Image via Shutterstock.A notion that I’ve often heard in the filmmaking community is that buying and owning an expensive camera is a bad idea. The overall idea is that if you want to have a good camera for a project, you should just rent one. Well, I’ve always thought that this concept was a nice thought, if you’re in a market wherein every project you take on has a budget for a nice, big camera package rental — which a lot of us are not. In some markets, you’ll seldom get a budget to rent even a few lights, much less a nice camera package or some cinema lenses.There are a ton of different ways to go about breaking into the industry, and it’s different story in every single market. Sometimes, owning a top-of-the-line camera rig is a great way to get your foot in the door; other times, you just meet the right people on set and do a good enough job that people call you back, and you get started that way. Sometimes you have to do a bunch of both.The Sony PMW-EX1 – Image via Sony.I chose to save up for a couple of years and drop a good chunk of money on the camera of my dreams — and start marketing myself as an owner/operator. At that time, my favorite camera was the fantastic Sony EX-1. I had watched a video by Philip Bloom (which he shot on the camera) and immediately knew that it was what I wanted. It was the perfect camera; it even shot in 720 at 60p (oh, how far things have come).At the time, the Sony EX-1 was about $8,000.I’ve since sold that camera, and I have owned about four other cameras since then. Each time I bought a new camera, I would sell the previous one. So technically speaking, I’ve purchased each of those cameras with some of that same money that I saved up when I was just getting started.There is an art to maintaining your gear investment over time. We don’t all have the money to buy every new piece of gear that comes along. By using a few tricks and staying on top of the gear scene, here’s how you can make a large gear investment and ensure that it stands the test of time.Knowing Which Types of Gear Retain ValueImage via Shutterstock.When you’re trying not to waste money on gear, constantly assessing your gear’s value is crucial. There are certain types of gear that are almost like brand-new cars: once you leave the lot with them, they lose half their value. At the same time, you’ll find that certain items retain (or gain) value regardless of what has recently come out in the film-gear scene.CamerasImage via Shutterstock.When it comes to cameras, my best advice is don’t get too attached. If you want to buy an expensive camera, you need to be willing and ready to sell it at any moment to the highest bidder, and say “Thanks for everything — goodbye, little buddy!” without blinking an eye.The camera market changes extremely quickly, usually in relation to large camera releases.Cameras in the sub-$2,000 range (lower end DSLRs, mirrorless, etc.) don’t hold value as well as the more expensive professional cameras on the market. New DSLR models drop almost monthly, and when something is already relatively affordable and a newer version comes out, you’ll find yourself in a buyer’s market. The person who might buy it would rather just go ahead and spend a few bucks more on a brand new camera than a used one. For example, a quick eBay search will show you that, right now, the original a7s is selling for around $1,200 less (nearly half) than its original sale price. That wasn’t the case just year or so ago.More expensive professional cameras and higher-end DSLRs (GH5, Ursa Mini Pro, Fs7, C300, etc.) tend to be a lot easier to sell at a price point nearer their initial release value (provided that you act quickly). The key here is to make sure that you sell yours before they become outdated. These cameras tend to come out less often, but luckily, there are plenty of resources that let you know when new cameras are going to come out (like the PremiumBeat blog for instance), so you can stay on top of the camera scene, and as soon as a new version of your camera is about to come out, go ahead and sell yours so you can get the next one.Every time you sell your camera, you’ll lose a bit of your initial investment (you’ll almost always sell for a little less than what you paid for it), but you’re still stretching the investment this way. The faster you sell, the less you’ll lose (you can buy a decade-old RED One MX for around $3,000-4,000 now, compared to its release price of around $20,000).LensesImage via Shutterstock.One could certainly make the argument that lenses are the best filmmaking gear investment. Lenses hold their value insanely well. In most cases, you can sell a lens for only moderately less than you paid for it, simply because of wear and tear.The only real variable with the lens market is just the general quality of the lens. If the lens that you own is high-quality, from a known and well-respected brand, it will retain value. Canon L-Series glass is a great example. Most L-Series lenses (16-35, 24-70, 70-200, etc.) all still selling for a very respectable price (even the older versions). This is because everyone knows those things are built like tanks, and just about everyone in the industry uses them on a regular basis — making them an easy sell. So, if you’re investing in lenses, buy something that is well-respected and well-known.Support Gear and MiscellaneousImage via Shutterstock.This one is probably the hardest to pin down, so I’m always very wary about purchasing this kind of gear. Your tripods, gimbals, stabilizers, etc. are probably going to be the most randomly valued pieces of equipment that you own. Even at the highest end, you have to be very careful if you think you’ll ever want to sell them later on.For instance, if you bought a Movi M10 at release, you spent about $10,000-15,000. The DJI Ronin and other gimbals came out shortly after and altered the pricing significantly. Now, only a few short years later, you can be the proud owner of an M10 for the low low price of around $2,000. That’s a pretty significant loss for early adopters still hanging onto that gimbal.If you’re planning to spend a lot on support gear, the best way to go, in my opinion, is to essentially buy things that you’re okay with keeping forever. For instance, a dana dolly would be a good investment, since no matter what camera system you’re using, you can get good use out of it. I like to try to buy support gear that won’t become outdated unless I know I’m okay with keeping it forever.Other things like drones, wireless transmitters, follow focus gear, etc. all fluctuate quite a bit in value because there are regularly rapid advancements in all of those areas.So, if you buy gear like this, you’ll need to take it on a case-by-case basis. Just make sure that it’s gear that you don’t mind losing some money on.Knowing When To SellImage via Shutterstock.Although camera and gear releases are starting to become a bit less predictable (in the past, they occurred around big gear shows like NAB, but now they’re a little more spread out), it’s still relatively easy to keep tabs on the value of your gear — and make sure that you don’t wait until it drops too much.There is also a certain level of dedication required to stay on top of industry news. There are plenty of sources for information on new and upcoming gear. The PremiumBeat blog stays on top of the gear scene as much as possible; other places to check out are NoFilmSchool, Cinema5d, Newsshooter, and many others. Around NAB and other big shows, all of these resources are invaluable for up-to-the-minute updates.You can also easily find Twitter profiles or social profiles for all of the major camera manufacturers (Canon, Sony, RED, Blackmagic, Panasonic, ARRI, etc.). I’ve always kept these camera manufacturers on a twitter list, and I peruse it once a day or so just to see if there are any major announcements.The most important part of all of this, however, is that once anything gets announced, you have to decide if you’re going to act or not. Keep checking eBay and other places where you can buy and sell used gear, and check the going rate for what you own. If it starts to fall even slightly, in most cases, I will go ahead and sell and update that piece of gear — and that method has worked for me.If The Time Is Right, Go for ItImage via Shutterstock.I’ll speak for myself here, but there always comes a point with every camera that I’ve owned when I feel like I’ve done about as much with it as I care to. Every camera or piece of gear offers something different, and eventually everything you do will start to have a similar look or feel — or you’ll end up as “the person who owns such-and-such camera.” That’s definitely not always a bad thing, and it tends to matter less with higher-end gear. If you’re lucky enough to be an ARRI or RED owner, chances are it’s a good thing.Sometimes, by selling one camera, you can afford two cameras. Other times, you can sell a camera and buy that lens you always wanted. Either way, to me, what that represents is access to a new look or approach that you don’t have to rent every time.Whether you’re selling on eBay, user groups, or KEH, I feel like it’s important not to look at your gear purchases as permanent decisions. Consider selling even your favorite piece of gear because you never know what new camera might come along.Looking for more gear-related advice? 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Bihar cane farmers in distress

first_imgThe sugar cane farmers of Bihar are distressed as the government has not yet announced the cane price for mill owners for the current season. The farmers are also agitated with the mill owners over non-payment of their dues.Speaking to The Hindu over phone, sugar cane farmers of West Champaran, the district where most of the sugar mills are located, said five mills in the district alone owe ₹231.98 crore to them. “Sugar cane payment dues for the current season of 2018-19 by the mills of Bagaha, Harinagar, Narkatiaganj, Majhaulia and Lauria have gone up to the tune of ₹231.98 crore. We are in deep distress but there is no one to address our problem,” rued Nandeshwar Pandey, a young farmer from Pathakauli village. Bihar has a total of 12 sugar mills.The farmers of West Champaran further said that they have supplied about 74.75 lakh quintals of sugar cane to these five sugar mills till December 8 this year, spending ₹57.93 crore in the process. “We expected to be paid after a fortnight of the supply as it is mandatory for the sugar mills under the Sugar cane Purchase and Supply Act to make the payment and any delay invites interest at the current bank rate,” said Pramod Singh, another farmer. “However, till date, not a single penny has been paid,” he added.Most of the farmers had taken loan from banks through Kisan Credit Card and now they say they are being chased by the certificate officers of the banks for repayment of the loan.Living in penury“The government at the Centre had announced that farmers’ income would double by 2022, but the sugar cane farmers in Bihar have stopped celebrating social and religious functions due to lack of funds. We are unable to pay even the tuition fees of our children… we are on the verge of starvation,” said Rajan Giri, a farmer. He added that the farmers are not being able to go for the kharif cultivation as “they don’t have money to buy seeds and fertilizers”. The sugar cane farmers of West Champaran had staged a massive protest before the district official in Bagaha on December 10, demanding immediate announcement of sugar cane price. Copies of the memorandum had also been sent to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Chief Secretary, Sugarcane Development Commissioner and the District Magistrate. “The State government is delaying fixing of State Advisory Price for sugarcane in connivance with the mill owners and we are forced to borrow money on higher interest rates from banks for our survival,” alleged sugarcane farmers Umesh Patel, Surendra Baitha, Daya Shankar Singh and Somesh Pandey.The sugar cane farmers of West Champaran particularly angry with State Sugar Cane Development Minister Khurshid alias Firoz Ahmad who represents Sikta Assembly constituency from the same district. “The government is serious on the issue and I have asked the principal secretary of the department to announce the sugarcane price soon. It will be announced in a day or two. The Chief Minister himself had a meeting with officials to address the issue,” the Minister told The Hindu. His assurance, however, has failed to pacify the farmers who burnt his effigy near the Bhimrao Ambedkar statue at Bagaha on December 15.The sugar mill owners, meanwhile, are blaming the State government for the farmers’ distress. “Negotiation between the State government and the mill owners for sugarcane price is going on and hopefully it will be fixed within a week. The sugar mills are not at fault as the responsibility to fix the price lies with the State government, ” said Y.S. Bhatnagar, general manager (personnel) of the sugar mills. The production of sugarcane has gone up this year and demand has come down, he added.last_img read more

China Open: Satwik-Chirag Fall in Semi-finals to World No.1 Pair Gideon-Sukamuljo

first_img Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. badmintonchina openchina open 2019Chirag Shetty First Published: November 9, 2019, 4:38 PM IST New Delhi: The top Indian men’s doubles pair of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty were unable to break the Minions code as they bowed out of Fuzhou China Open in the semi-final with straight-games loss to world No.1 Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo of Indonesia on Saturday.Satwik-Chirag bowed out of the tournament with a 16-21, 20-22 loss to the Indonesian pair in 40 minutes, losing their eighth straight encounter against the world No.1 pair. Satwik and Chirag had lost to them in the French Open final last month in straight games as well and in all their encounters, the Indian pair has taken a game off the Indonesians only once.Irrespective of the result, Satwik-Chirag are set to climb two places in the BWF men’s doubles rankings to reach their career-high of world No.7.Satwik-Chirag gave a brilliant fight to ‘The Minions’ but failed to break their code as the world No.1s stayed on course to defending their title. This is Gideon-Sukamuljo’s fourth straight Fuzhou China Open and they have never lost in the tournament so far.The match saw some excellent badminton, brilliant fast-paced flat exchanges, some stunning defensive skills from both pair but it was the Indonesian pair that came out on top.The match started well for the Indian pair as they took a 7-4 lead, trying to put as much pressure as possible on Gideon at the back of the court. Chirag, who was the best player at the net in their quarter-final, knew he could not win that battle from Sukamuljo in the semi-final and hence, they look to play far more expansive.However, the Indonesian pair used all their experience to overturn the deficit and take a 10-7 lead. Then, Satwik made a good cross court return forcing Sukamuljo to lean forward to take the shuttle and the Indonesian hit the net. Trailing 8-10, Chirag was involved in a goof flat exchange at the net and then crouched to play into the empty court to grab another point before the Indonesians took an 11-9 lead into the break.After the break, Sukamuljo’s marauding presence forced the Indians into making a lot of mistakes as the world No.1 took a 14-9 lead. However, the Indians did not stop fighting back and in the next rally itself, they defended two extremely powerful smashes to then force an error out of Sukamuljo.Chirag then took control of the proceedings and smashed his way to reducing the gap to 13-16. However, Sukamuljo did not let up the initiative at the front court at all and Gideon helped him with excellent drives, leading the world No.1s to take the first game 21-16.Satwik-Chirag began the second game well and led 3-1. Then a stunning 28-shot rally ensued that saw the Indonesians dish out some spectacular defensive skills to eventually win the point and make it 2-3.It stayed neck-and-neck from there before the Indians took an 8-6 lead with Chirag once more making his presence felt at the front court. At 8-8, Satwik took the matter in his hands and played a superb smash from the front court in one rally and a crouching defensive shot in the next to take a 10-8 lead. However, the Indonesians took back the control and with a smash at Chirag’s body, they led 11-10 at the break.Right after the break, Chirag and Satwik came out with incessant smashing at the Indonesians to level the proceedings at 11-11. Once more it stayed close from there with both pairs exchanging points with some delightful all-court play.The Indians then took an 18-16 lead after Satwik executed a beautiful cross-court drop in one rally and a fabulous half smash in the other. But the Indonesians soon level the proceedings to eventually bring up a match point at 20-19.Satwik then showed bravery as he made a good leave with Sukamuljo sending the shuttle just wide to make it 20-20. However, the Sukamuljo show came to the fore once more as the Indonesians took the match.Having another match point at 21-20, Sukamuljo played a stunning tumbling net shot that Chirag somehow picked up hassling. Gideon then smashed the shuttle behind Chirag that the Indian just about picked. Sukamuljo then steep-smashed from the net and all Satwik could do was just try and flick his racquet in the direction as the world No.1 reached another final. last_img read more

I take responsibility for Rio boxing campaign: Coach Sandhu

first_imgBy Poonam Mehra New Delhi, Aug 27 (PTI) He is ready to take “moral responsibility” for Indias medal-less boxing campaign in Rio Olympics but national coach Gurbax Singh Sandhu says the four-year-long administrative logjam cannot escape blame for all that has gone wrong with the once flourishing sport. “I am personally hurt and I take moral responsibility for this. But I feel my boys performance was satisfactory under the current circumstances and with the kind of tough draws they ended up getting. As for other things, I knew what was going on in the last four years but I continued thinking that things would improve,” a disheartened Sandhu told PTI in an interview. Boxing became an Olympic medal hope for India ever since Vijender Singhs historic bronze in the Beijing 2008 edition. M C Mary Kom added another bronze to the kitty in 2012 when women boxers made their debut in London edition. In Rio, at least one medal was expected from the three who made the cut. The expectation was despite the fact that boxing had hit a downward spiral following the termination of the national federation in 2012 for manipulation in elections. “The luck factor was totally zero this time for us. All my boys lost to eventual medallists. I am not trying to save anybody here but we have to be realistic. The draws were very tough,” Sandhu said. The draws were indeed hard on the Indians. Shiva Thapa (56kg) lost to eventual gold-medallist Robeisy Ramirez of Cuba in the opening round, while Manoj Kumar (64kg) also went down to gold-winner Fazliddin Gaibnazarov in his ore-quarterfinal bout. Vikas Krishan (75kg), on the other hand, was defeated by eventual silver-medallist Bektemir Melikuziev in the quarterfinal. Sandhu appealed to the officials to wake up to the damage that has been done to the sport in four years of complete mess in administration. “It is my humble request, let us understand what is happening to our boxers, let us understand their suffering. We need to forget our egos. The first step towards making things right is to have an effective national federation because without a federation, we are orphans,” he was blunt in his observation. “Nothing can be built without a solid foundation, a smooth-functioning federation is a foundation for any sport. I repeat that without a federation, India will not have a voice in the international arena, no technical representation and that hurts our progress,” he added. (MORE) PTI PM KHS KHSadvertisementlast_img read more

Tour de Frace: World champion Peter Sagan disqualified for causing crash with Mark Cavendish

first_imgMark Cavendish has been forced out of the Tour de France after suffering a fractured shoulder blade in a serious crash caused by world champion Peter Sagan, who was disqualified from cycling’s showcase event.Hours after Tuesday’s crash in a chaotic sprint finish to Stage 4, Cavendish’s Team Dimension Data said on its Twitter feed that “Unfortunately, @MarkCavendish has been forced to withdraw from #TDF2017.”The British rider sustained hand and shoulder injuries in the crash, and was taken to a hospital for checks.”I’m obviously massively disappointed to get this news about the fracture,” Cavendish said. “The team was incredible today.”They executed to perfection what we wanted to do this morning. I feel I was in a good position to win and to lose that and even having to leave the Tour, a race I have built my whole career around, is really sad.”Watch the last few seconds of today’s drama-packed finish. #TDF2017 ?? Le Tour de France UK (@letour_uk) July 4, 2017The crash occurred about 50 meters (yards) from the end of the stage, when Sagan elbowed Cavendish, who was squeezed against the barriers to his right, out of the way.Cavendish slammed into the barriers and two other riders plowed over the British sprint specialist, a winner of 30 Tour stages.”Mark suffered a fracture to the right scapula,” Team Dimension Data doctor Adrian Rotunno said. “Fortunately no surgery is required at this stage, and most importantly there is no nerve damage.(AP Photo)”He’s been withdrawn from the race for obvious medical reasons, and we’ll continue monitoring him over the coming days.”advertisementRace jury president Philippe Marien of the UCI said race rules allowed organizers to disqualify riders in “serious cases”.”We have decided to disqualify Peter Sagan from the 2017 Tour de France after the tumultuous sprint here in Vittel, where he endangered several riders, including Mark Cavendish and others who were involved in the crash,” Marien said.Apart from doping offenses, disqualifications are rare in the Tour. In 2010, Australian Mark Renshaw was thrown out for a head-butt that cleared a path in a sprint for his teammate Cavendish to win the stage in Bourg-Les-Valence.”I get on with Peter well, but I don’t get … if he came across is one thing, but the elbow. I’m not a fan of him putting his elbow in me like that,” Cavendish said.”A crash is a crash, I’d just like to know about the elbow, really,” Cavendish added. “I’d just like to speak to him about it.”After the crash, Sagan went over to see how Cavendish was and patted him on the back, while the British rider showed him his wounds.The Slovak said later he had apologized to Cavendish.”It’s not nice to crash like that,” said Sagan, who had finished the stage in second place behind Demare.”It’s the sprint. I just didn’t know that Mark is behind me, he’s coming from the right side,” Sagan added. “Mark was coming pretty fast from the back and after I just didn’t have time to react, to go left, and he just came (into) me and after into the fence.”A medical team quickly ran out to treat Cavendish, jogging into the oncoming stream of riders to reach him.(AP Photo)When Cavendish was finally helped to his feet, his jersey was badly torn and blood was streaking down his side. Cavendish rode in with a teammate after treatment, gingerly holding his right arm close to his body, with his right hand in a bandage.It’s already been a difficult year for Cavendish, who came down with mononucleosis caused by the Epstein-Barr virus in April.”If there was a mistake, then you have to congratulate the jury for having the courage to punish the world champion, the big star of cycling today,” said France’s Arnaud Demare, who won Tuesday’s stage.There was another crash earlier that delayed Tour leader Geraint Thomas, but the Welshman retained the yellow jersey since it happened in the neutral zone near the stage finish.Thomas leads Sky teammate and three-time champion Chris Froome by 12 seconds, with third-place Michael Matthews of Australia also 12 seconds back.Thomas scraped his knee but said it was OK.”I hit the deck but I’m fine,” Thomas said.Demare clocked nearly five hours over the largely flat 207.5-kilometer (129-mile) route, which started and finished in two spa towns, Mondorf-les-Bains in Luxembourg and Vittel in France.Demare’s win ended a long wait for the home fans, with the previous French victory in a bunch sprint at the Tour being won by Jimmy Casper in Stage 1 in Strasbourg in 2006.advertisement”We’ve been working with Arnaud for a long time on sprints,” said Marc Madiot, manager of Demare’s FDJ team. “Winning in the Tour is the best.”After Sagan’s disqualification, Alexander Kristoff moved up to second place in the stage, with Andre Greipel in third.Stage 5 on Wednesday concludes with the first serious climb of the Tour. The 160.5-kilometer (100-mile) leg begins in Vittel and winds its way to La Planche Des Belles Filles with a short but steep finishing ascent that features a leg-breaking 20-percent gradient in the final meters. All of the overall favorites should swing into action.last_img read more

Virat Kohli back in Dambulla, where it all started 9 years ago on this day

first_imgExactly nine years after making his ODI debut, Virat Kohli is back in Dambulla as India captain and arguably the best batsman in world cricket.A 19-year-old Kohli had partnered Gautam Gambhir at the top of the order but managed only 12 off 22 balls as India were shot out for 146 in the first match of the series against Sri Lanka. The hosts gunned down the target with eight wickets to spare.But Kohli has come a long way since. Only two batsmen – Sachin Tendulkar (49) and Ricky Ponting (30) – have more ODI hundreds than Kohli’s 28.The 28-year-old also has the most hundreds while chasing. Tendulkar had held the record for years with 17 tons in 232 innings while Kohli took a mere 102 innings to surpass the Master Blaster’s record.At Dambulla for the ODIs now, another beautiful location. ?????? Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) 18 August 2017Few things never change – only the legend grows. #ThisDayThatYear In 2008, @imVkohli sat on this very chair during his debut game #SLvIND BCCI (@BCCI) 18 August 2017Kohli has taken a special liking for Sri Lanka – 1856 of his career ODI runs have come against the islanders in 41 matches. He also boasts of six hundreds against the former world champions.Kohli has had a dream run over the last couple of years. He was at the peak of his powers in 2016, smashing hundreds against Australia in the ODIs before turning his focus to T20 cricket. After hammering Australia, Pakistan and West Indies to submission, he enjoyed a record-breaking IPL, amassing 973 runs including four hundreds.advertisementKohli also became the first batsman in history to score double hundreds in four successive Test series. For a short while, he also happened to be the only batsman to average over 50 in all three formats.It was @imVkohli vs @msdhoni vs @klrahul11 at the football today. #SLvIND BCCI (@BCCI) 18 August 2017The Delhi dasher has so far scored 8257 runs from 189 ODIs and 4658 runs including 17 hundreds from 60 Tests. In 49 T20 Internationals, Kohli has 1748 runs.As captain, Kohli has been on a roll – he has so far led India to eight successive series wins. He had also led India to ODI and T20 series triumphs over England before overseeing the journey to the final of the Champions Trophy in England.It all started on this very chair, this very date and this very ground. 9 years today with the Indian cricket team! So grateful. ??? @BCCI Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) 18 August 2017last_img read more

Zidane Has Had Enough, Wishes Madrid’s Season Was Over

first_imgMADRID — Real Madrid just can’t wait for the season to end.Even the usually mild-mannered Zinedine Zidane lost his patience after his team’s latest setback, a 1-0 loss to relegation-threatened Rayo Vallecano in the Spanish league on Sunday.“We will play these last three games and then this is finally over,” the Madrid coach said after seeing his team get outplayed and outhustled by then last-place Rayo.The result practically ended the team’s chances of catching Atletico Madrid for second place. If Madrid can’t erase the nine-point difference over the final matches, it will finish out the top two in consecutive seasons for the first time since 1973-74.A day before the disappointing performance against Rayo, Madrid fans had to endure seeing Barcelona clinch its second straight league title, and eighth in 11 seasons.Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale touches his head during a Spanish La Liga soccer match between Rayo Vallecano and Real Madrid at the Vallecas stadium in Madrid, Spain, Sunday, April 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Paul White)And in a few days, fans will watch Barcelona — along with Liverpool, Tottenham and Ajax — compete in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League, the tournament Madrid won the last three years.Zidane was uncharacteristically upset after the setback against Rayo, the team’s fourth in six matches.“I’ll always defend my players, but not today,” Zidane said. “We can’t play like that, and I’m responsible as well. We didn’t do anything. We have to apologize.”Madrid was coming off a scoreless draw at Getafe and previously had drawn with Leganes and lost to Valencia, all in away matches. Zidane has a perfect record at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, with four victories, but has yet to win away.“At least against Getafe we showed some good things, we created some chances,” Zidane said. “But we didn’t do anything today. Nothing from Minute 1 to Minute 90.”Rayo Vallecano’s coach Paco Jemez, left, looks over to Real Madrid’s coach Zinedine Zidane as he walks off the pitch at the end of a Spanish La Liga soccer match between Rayo Vallecano and Real Madrid at the Vallecas stadium in Madrid, Spain, Sunday, April 28, 2019. Rayo won the match 1-0. (AP Photo/Paul White)When Zidane took over from Santiago Solari eight matches ago, with the team in tatters, he said the main goal was to rebuild for next season, but also to regain confidence after one of its most disappointing campaigns in years. Madrid was off to a good start under Zidane, with three wins in four matches, but risks finishing the season on another low.Madrid was 12 points behind Barcelona and two points behind Atletico when Zidane arrived. Now it is 18 points from the Catalan club and nine below its city rival.Instead of just focusing on which players to keep and how to improve the squad for next season, Zidane will also have to make sure the team plays good enough to please the club’s demanding fans in the final matches.Madrid will host relegation-threatened Villarreal next weekend, then visits midtable Real Sociedad before closing out the season at home again against Real Betis.With little at stake through the end, Zidane said Madrid needs to play for pride.“We can’t finish like this, with this image,” the Frenchman said. “We have to show some respect for the game and for the club. We will have to play better.”By: Tales Azzoni, AP Sports WriterTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

U’khand govt to protect interest of entrepreneurs in rafting industry: CM

first_imgDehradun, Jun 23 (PTI) As tour operators of Uttarakhand struggle to come to terms with a recent court order banning water sports in the state, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat today assured them of protecting their interests, even as all district magistrates were asked to implement the ban in their areas.”All aspects of the high court order regarding the ban on adventure tourism activities are being studied. The next step will be taken after that. The interests of entrepreneurs associated with the trade will be protected,” he said in a statement here. Rawat also directed the tourism secretary to look into all legal options available in the case and take appropriate action.He said effective steps were being taken by the state government to promote adventure tourism, “which is crucial to tourism in Uttarakhand”.Keeping in view the interests of the people involved in the trade, the chief minister said Uttarakhand Rafting, Kayaking Manual has been framed, adding that manuals for paragliding and other adventure tourism activities would be prepared soon.He said a comprehensive policy would be prepared to further promote the industry so that it strengthened the  economy of the state.Meanwhile, Tourism Secretary Dilip Jawalkar today wrote to all district magistrates, asking them to strictly implement the high court order in their respective areas.  The Uttarakhand High Court, had on June 18, put a ban on white water river rafting, other water sports and paragliding across the state till a transparent policy was framed by the state government on adventure sports, giving the latter two weeks’ time for the purpose. advertisementDevendra Rawat, former president of Rafting Association of Uttarakhand, said the ban would affect 40,000 people associated with the trade.A total of 281 companies are associated with the rafting trade, which together own 600 rafts and transact business worth over Rs 20 crore every season. The season lasts nine months from October to June, he said.   With the ban coming at the peak of the season, there will be heavy losses, he said. Vaibhav Kala, director, Aquaterra Adventures said  majority of outfits cannot be penalised for the errors of a few.    “Rafting is currently being regulated under a Rafting Act passed by the Uttarakhand government. There is a technical and regulatory committee that grants permits and proper rafting rules are framed to ensure compliance,” he said.  “Regulation, of course, has been a challenge, but that needs to be checked stringently by the authorities concerned. Majority of outfits cannot be penalised for the errors of a few,” Kala said, adding that “rhetorical judgements” like this would harm the country’s travel industry. Kala said the state needs to weed out outfits that do not meet the global benchmark.          “We will lose many bookings in the last week. The industry losses for a week should be around Rs 4-5 crore,” he said.PTI ALM      SRY SRYlast_img read more

Sent Force India into administration to save the team: Sergio Perez

first_imgMexican Formula One driver Sergio Perez said on Saturday he sent the Force India team he drives for into administration to save the jobs of 400 colleagues.Perez said he was broken-hearted at having to make the claim for money owed, which put the British-based team in administration, but he insists it was not for personal gain.Perez told reporters at the Hungarian Grand Prix that he had endured a month of emotional and mental hell and his racing had suffered because of the team’s precarious financial situation.Debt-ridden Sahara Force India F1 team put into administrationForce India, co-owned by embattled Indian businessman Vijay Mallya and fifth in the championship, were placed into administration by the London High Court on Friday.”I love Vijay. My heart is really broken because I know this is not ideal in the short term for him, but the big picture is really different,” said Perez.Force India not realising potential because of financial issues: Sergio Perez”The bottom line of this is that we do this or the team would have gone bust. That’s what I get from the lawyers and members of the team.”Going into administration effectively removes the immediate threat of closure and also overcomes the obstacle of shareholder resistance to a sale.Perez’s claim for money owed – some 4 million euros, mostly from last season – was supported by engine provider Mercedes and team sponsor BWT which says it is also owed significant sums.With up to five interested parties, a sale appears imminent, and the August break after Sunday’s grand prix gives the team breathing space to sort out its future before going racing again.advertisement”There was a winding-up petition from another customer which would have closed down the team completely. Therefore I was asked to basically save the team, to pull the trigger and put the team into administration” said Perez.”It has nothing to do with my outstanding amounts. The only reason I’ve done it is to save the team and for its better future,” added the driver, who is now in his fifth season with Force India.”I am sure everyone appreciates what I’ve done and if they don’t appreciate it right now, because a couple of members of the team don’t know the full picture, they will appreciate it in a week’s time or so.”(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more

IPL 2019 Auction: Teams go big on Indian pacers as Shami, Ishant find buyers

first_imgIndia pacers fetched big bucks at the ongoing IPL Auction Live 2019 in Jaipur on Tuesday.While Jaydev Unadkat became one of the costliest player to be sold at the auction, India Test specialists Mohammed Shami and Ishant Sharma also found buyers.Shami, who is the currently the leading Indian wicket-taker in Tests with 44 wickets under his belt from 11 matches, was bought for whopping Rs 4.80 crore by 2014 runners-up Kings XI Punjab. Shami had played for Delhi Capitals last season.Ishant Sharma, who had a base price of Rs 1 crore, was sold to Delhi Capitals for rs 1.10 crore.Other well-known fast bowlers in the Indian domestic circuit — Mohit Sharma and Varun Aaron — were also bought after massive bidding wars among teams.Mohit, who was part of the Indian team in the 2015 World Cup, returned to Chennai Super Kings when they bought the right-arm pacer for Rs 5 crore.Rajasthan Royals bagged Aaron for Rs 2.40 crore momemts after shelling out a whopping Rs 8.40 crore for Unadkat.Unadkat was the costliest Indian last year when he was sold to Rajasthan for Rs 11.50 crore, but after sub-par performances in the league, he was not retained.Rajasthan let him go only to buy him back for a ‘profit’ of Rs 3.10 crore.Earlier, Axar Patel became one of the costliest Indian players when he was bought for Rs 5 crore by Delhi Capitals on Tuesday. Patel matched West Indies all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite’s price, who went to Kolkata Knight Riders for Rs 5 crore.Axar was one of the high-profile Indian player to be sold in the auction after India all-rounder Hanuma Vihari. They both will play for the Delhi Capitals in the 2019 season.advertisementA total of 70 players can be bought at the auction with 20 slots available for the foreign players.last_img read more

Rooney urges Rashford to be greedy

first_imgManchester United Rooney urges Rashford to be greedy Dom Farrell 22:57 12/17/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) MarcusRashfordAnthonyMartialWayneRooney - croppe Getty Images Manchester United Anthony Martial Marcus Rashford West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United Premier League The former Manchester United striker believes the wide attacker could be a superb forward, but has urged him to show more single-mindedness Wayne Rooney has told former Manchester United team-mate Marcus Rashford to be more selfish, and has predicted that Anthony Martial could be one of the best players in the Premier League.Rooney ended a 13-year association with United before the start of this season, departing as the club’s record goalscorer for a return to boyhood club Everton.The ability and potential of Martial and Rashford, 22 and 20 respectively, was part of the reason for Rooney seeking a fresh start for the final chapter of his career as his first-team opportunities dwindled. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player The former England captain believes United’s future is in good hands but has encouraged Rashford, who has been used predominantly as a wide attacker by Jose Mourinho despite making his first-team breakthrough as a striker, to leave the defensive work to those further back in the team and concentrate on lifting his goal tally.”Sometimes, early on in my career I was working too hard tracking back and Alex Ferguson sat me down,” Rooney explained in an interview with talkSPORT.”It does affect when you’re in the opponents’ box. You’re a bit leggy. Alex Ferguson told me not to do so much work and be ready for when we get chances.”I feel with Rashford it’s maybe a bit of the same. You see him going back into the full-back areas.”It’s great he’s got that enthusiasm but, to get the best out of him going forward, he maybe needs to let the defenders and the midfielders do it.”Martial was the most expensive teenager in world football when he signed for United in 2015 and, although Rooney acknowledges the Frenchman might not be the easiest player to read temperamentally, he insists his talent is beyond question.Thanks to the fans for your amazing support #3Points— Anthony Martial (@AnthonyMartial) November 29, 2017″Anthony Martial, ability wise, is incredible but it’s a matter of how you get the best out of him,” he said.”Knowing Anthony the way I know him, I think if can get the best out of him he’s up there ability wise with the best there are in the league.”Sometimes it is difficult to get to know him as a person, as a character but once you do get to know him you just keep him happy. Anthony can be at that top level.”United travel to West Brom on Sunday, where they will look to claw back a portion of Manchester City’s 14-point advantage at the top of the table.Rashford scored his ninth goal of the season during last weekend’s 2-1 Manchester derby defeat, moving him one ahead of Martial for the campaign.”I feel that United at the moment have played some great attacking football and they’re getting a bit of unfair stick,” Rooney added.”They’re seeing games out at the right times. They’ve got some young players who are still learning how to break teams down.”last_img read more

The USA women will defend the World Cup in France. Here’s who they’ll face

first_img Read more There is reason to expect this Thai team should be better than the one in 2015. They finished fourth in the Asian Cup this year, their best finish since 1986. There, they earned a shock draw in the semi-finals to Australia, a favorite at the tournament in France, but lost on penalies. But Thailand hasn’t shown any sustained ability to compete with the world’s best teams and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them to finish bottom of Group F.The Americans have only faced Thailand once in their history back in September 2016 and it was a 9-0 laugher. The score in France probably won’t be that lopsided, but there’s no reason to expect anything much different than how their 2016 meeting went.How they qualified: They beat Jordan and the Philippines in the Asian Cup group stage, and then finished in the top five of a six-team knockout stage.Players to watch: Kanjana Sungngoen, Wilaiporn BoothduangWhen and where: 11 June at Stade Auguste-Delaune, ReimsWorld ranking: 29ChileThe Chilean team is the lowest-ranked team in the group, but they are a team on the rise. They’ve qualified for their first-ever World Cup after finishing as runners-up at this year’s Copa América Femenina, their best finish in the tournament since 1991. In November, they faced Australia twice in friendlies and managed to win, 3-2, against a Matildas side that fielded its best players. The next game in that series went very differently, however, as Australia won 5-0.The Americans had never faced Chile through the teams’ histories until a pair of friendlies in August and September of this year, and the US won by 7-0 aggregate score. The timing, as it turns out, has given both teams a valuable scouting report.“We did play Chile this year, which I think is serendipitous for us,” O’Hara said. “It is nice to have some sort of idea of what a team is going to be like.”How they qualified: Chile drew to Paraguay and Colombia in the group stage of the 2018 Copa America Femenina, but beat Uruguay and Peru to finish second in Group A. They lost to Brazil, tied Colombia, and beat Argentina to finish second in the final stage and qualify outright.Players to watch: Christiane Endler, Yanara AedoWhen and where: 16 June at Parc des Princes, ParisWorld ranking: 38SwedenThe other teams in Group F may be a little less familiar than the other foes the USA must face, but Sweden more than makes up for it. The Americans not only have faced Sweden 38 times in the teams’ history, but Sweden was the team that knocked the US out of the 2016 Olympics quarter-final for the worst finish in US women’s national history at a major tournament.The most memorable part of the USA’s loss to Sweden in 2016 may very well have been the aftermath: goalkeeper Hope Solo said the bunkering Swedes played like “a bunch of cowards” and was kicked off the team for her remarks, never to return. But the Swedish team’s quality shouldn’t be overlooked. Disciplined defensively, deadly on the counter and strong on set pieces, the Swedes have all the right tools to give the Americans trouble yet again.Sweden will easily be the toughest opponent of the group stage, a tough test before the rigor of the knockout stage begins. Group F isn’t very balanced – the USA and Sweden are far superior to Thailand and Chile – so this match will likely determine who tops Group F and who falls to second for a tougher road through the knockout round.“I’m excited to play Sweden. They obviously knocked us out of the 2016 Olympics so there’s going to need to be a little bit of redemption there, “ O’Hara said. “That’s going to be a really good game to evaluate us for the rest of the tournament. It’s interesting their going to be our last opponent. We have a great rivalry with Sweden and they’re always a good opponent.”How they qualified: Sweden dominated Group 4 of the Uefa qualifying tournament with wins over Croatia, Hungary and Ukraine. (A match with Denmark was called off by the Danish federation when the Danish women boycotted their previous game due to a pay dispute. Sweden was awarded a 3-0 win due to the forfeiture.)Players to watch: Kosovare Asllani, Stina BlacksteniusWhen and where: 20 June at Stade Océane, Le HavreWorld ranking: 9 Share via Email US national team defender Kelley O’Hara, who watched the draw live on television with media in Atlanta, said the Americans didn’t have any opponents they wanted to face or wanted to avoid in the tournament, when starts on 7 June. After all, the Americans drew what was dubbed The Group of Death in 2015 – a group that included Sweden, Australia and Nigeria – but they still went onto win the whole tournament.“We need to focus on ourselves, do what need what to do and, regardless of who we play, we need to make sure our level is consistent,” she said.“We have a very diverse group,” O’Hara added of the opponents in Group F. “Sweden is very different from Chile, and is very different from Thailand. Chile is very technical and they’re a smaller team. Sweden has some taller ladies on their team. The styles vary drastically, but that’s kind of exciting.”ThailandAt the last Women’s World Cup in 2015, Thailand was one of the debutantes who got hit with some harsh reality. They lost to Norway and Germany by an aggregate score of 8-0 and only just barely beat Ivory Coast, the worst team in the tournament. Women’s World Cup 2019 Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook USA women’s football team Topics Share on Messenger The 100 best female footballers in the world 2018center_img Read more If the Americans are to defend their title at the Women’s World Cup next year in France, they now know their initial steps. On Saturday, the US women’s national team was drawn into Group F against Sweden, Chile and Thailand. Share on Twitter Women’s World Cup US sports Share on Pinterest Share on WhatsApp England and Scotland to meet in their Women’s World Cup opener Reuse this contentlast_img read more

PM Urges Increased Private-Sector Investment

first_img Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, is again calling on the private sector to increase its investment in the economy.He said the Government is working “very hard to ensure that every single Jamaican entrepreneur who has the industry, the drive, the enterprise, the entrepreneurship can, in the Jamaican environment, take the risk and invest”.The Prime Minister was speaking at the recent opening of the new BMW and MINI showrooms at 38-42 Lady Musgrave Road in St. Andrew.The project is part of a US$50-million investment by Sandals Resort International, ATL Autobahn and Marriot International that will also see the construction of a lifestyle centre – complete with a hotel, conference centre, restaurant, spa and gym.Prime Minister Holness commended the partners for their continued investment in Jamaica.He said the Government is ready to partner with private investors and make the necessary financing and policies available for an investor-friendly economy.This, he said, will allow for increased economic growth and job creation. Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, is again calling on the private sector to increase its investment in the economy. He said the Government is working “very hard to ensure that every single Jamaican entrepreneur who has the industry, the drive, the enterprise, the entrepreneurship can, in the Jamaican environment, take the risk and invest”. The project is part of a US$50-million investment by Sandals Resort International, ATL Autobahn and Marriot International that will also see the construction of a lifestyle centre – complete with a hotel, conference centre, restaurant, spa and gym. Story Highlightslast_img read more

Take Steps to Discourage Coyotes

first_img If you encounter a coyote: keep property free of unsecured garbage, especially if it contains food waste clean-up spilled bird seed around bird feeders do not feed pets outdoors keep compost bins secured keep small pets indoors or supervised when on a leash Coyote sightings around the province are prompting officials to remind Nova Scotians of steps to take to discourage wildlife from scavenging near homes and what to do should they encounter a coyote. Department of Natural Resources offices have received a record number of calls regarding coyotes from people. “Education is most important,” said Mike O’Brien, Natural Resources wildlife biologist. “We must encourage our children and neighbours to follow these guidelines and keep in mind, coyotes are wild animals and deserve our respect.” Coyotes prefer wild foods but will scavenge for food when hungry. This includes outdoor garbage, compost, pet foods, waste around retail or commercial businesses and handouts from people. Feeding coyotes makes them less fearful of people and eating food provided by people. To discourage coyotes from scavenging near homes people should: do not feed, touch, or photograph the animal leave the area by slowly backing away while remaining calm. Do not turn and run use personal alarm devices to frighten the animal encourage the animal to leave by providing space if animal exhibits aggressive behaviour, try to appear to be larger and noisier or throw sticks and rocks fight back aggressively if the animal attacks “It’s important for us to realize that the risk of attack and injury from coyotes is extremely low,” said Mr. O’Brien. “While recently we had a tragic event in Cape Breton, we have to remember that in the 30 years that coyotes have been in Nova Scotia only a few incidents have been reported.” Bounties have been tried across North America, however they have always been unsuccessful in reducing coyote populations. A bounty was initiated in Nova Scotia in 1982 and was removed in 1986 when it was determined to have no impact on population. Local Department of Natural Resources offices should be contacted where nuisance wildlife are creating a concern for human safety, destruction of property, or a diseased or injured animal is found. A list of local offices can be found at: For more information, visit: read more

Ministers Appoint New Chair of Offshore Petroleum Board

first_imgAn engineer with more than three decades in the international oil and gas industry is the new chair of the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB). Keith MacLeod’s six-year term begins Aug. 17. The announcement was made today, July 31, by Energy Minister Michel Samson and Greg Rickford, Minister of Natural Resources Canada. “We need experienced leaders at the helm as our offshore grows over the coming years,” said Mr. Samson. “Keith MacLeod has had a distinguished international career providing independent professional advice to oil and gas companies, governments and financial firms around the world. “He has in-depth knowledge of the east coast oil and gas industry and we’re thrilled to attract someone of his calibre to this role.” Mr. MacLeod is a registered professional engineer with more than 33 years of experience in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry in Canada and internationally. He recently retired as CEO and chairman of the board of Sproule, a global company that specializes in all aspects of the energy sector, including independent economic evaluations of oil, natural gas, and byproduct reserves as well as in resource assessment. “I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Keith MacLeod as chair of the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board,” said Mr. Rickford. “Mr. MacLeod brings a wealth of experience in the field of offshore oil and gas resource appraisal and development economics. “He will be an asset to the board as it delivers on its mission of efficient, fair and competent regulation of exploration and production activities enabling safe and responsible development of the petroleum resources in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area.” Mr. MacLeod is a Sydney native and has worked on projects related to the Sable Offshore Energy Project and the Deep Panuke Project, in addition to projects on Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore. He is a member of the advisory board of the Verchuren Centre for Sustainable Energy and the Environment at Cape Breton University. He lives in Calgary. The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board is the independent joint agency of the Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia responsible for the regulation of petroleum activities in the Nova Scotia offshore area. FOR BROADAST USE: An engineer with more than three decades in the oil and gas industry is the new chair of the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board. Keith MacLeod begins his six-year term on August 17th. Energy Minister Michel Samson and Natural Resources Canada Minister Greg Rickford made the announcement today (July 31st). Mr. MacLeod, a native of Sydney, recently retired as C-E-O and chairman of the board of Sproule, a Calgary-based consulting company that provides independent valuations and assessments for the international oil and gas industry. He is a member of the advisory board of the Verchuren Centre for Sustainable Energy and the Environment at Cape Breton University. Mr. Samson says we need experienced leaders at the helm as our offshore grows and we’re thrilled to attract someone of Mr. MacLeod’s calibre to this role. -30-last_img read more

Lancement du Programme daccessibilité pour les petites entreprises

first_imgLes petites entreprises de la province pourront améliorer l’accessibilité de leurs installations et développer leurs affaires dans le cadre de l’engagement du Gouvernement à faire de la Nouvelle-Écosse une province accueillante pour tous. Le ministre de l’Entreprise, Geoff MacLellan, au nom du ministre des Communautés, de la Culture et du Patrimoine, Leo Glavine, a annoncé aujourd’hui 1er décembre un Programme d’accessibilité pour les petites entreprises d’une valeur d’un million de dollars afin de donner suite à la nouvelle loi sur l’accessibilité (Accessibility Act) adoptée pour accroître l’accessibilité des entreprises. La loi sur l’accessibilité, adoptée en avril dernier, fixe des objectifs pour faire de la Nouvelle-Écosse une province accessible d’ici six ans, et elle prévoit l’ajout d’autres secteurs au besoin. Les objectifs doivent être atteints d’ici 2030. « Nous voulons une province libre d’obstacles pour tous les gens, précise M. MacLellan. Il est encourageant de voir le leadership dont fait preuve le milieu des affaires afin de contribuer à réduire les obstacles qu’affrontent les personnes ayant un handicap et de fournir par la même occasion de nouvelles possibilités d’emploi. » Le programme financera les entreprises admissibles afin qu’elles améliorent l’information et les communications, par exemple, la signalisation accessible; le financement visera également le transport public, l’éducation et la formation, les dispositifs d’aide aux employés et aux clients handicapés, et les rénovations entourant les rampes d’accès, les toilettes accessibles et les ouvre-portes automatiques. « Vingt pour cent de nos citoyens vivent avec un handicap, alors le programme améliorera l’accès aux entreprises pour les gens qui appartiennent à ce segment grandissant du marché, tant à titre de clients que de travailleurs », ajoute Gerry Post, directeur général de la Direction de l’accessibilité. Les entreprises peuvent maintenant faire une demande de financement. Le gouvernement paiera les deux tiers du montant plafond de chaque projet approuvé. Les plafonds varient selon la catégorie de projet : Il y a également un financement à 100 p. 100 pour la formation et la certification offertes par la Fondation Rick-Hansen. « L’accessibilité est extrêmement importante pour beaucoup de nos employés et de nos clients, et le programme nous aidera énormément à rendre notre entreprise rurale plus accessible et accueillante », indique Cedric Robicheau, président de BMC Seafood Ltd. de Meteghan. Le Programme d’accessibilité pour les petites entreprises vient s’ajouter au programme Community ACCESS-ability qui fournit un million de dollars par année aux organismes communautaires locaux. La promotion d’une province plus accueillante et accessible est un élément essentiel du Plan d’action pour la culture de la Nouvelle-Écosse. Pour plus d’information sur le Programme d’accessibilité pour les petites entreprises : 50 000 $ pour l’environnement bâti; 30 000 $ pour les services de communications accessibles; 30 000 $ pour la prestation d’appareils fonctionnels; 40 000 $ pour les projets de transport accessible; last_img read more

Venugopal Rao quits cricket

first_imgNew Delhi: Former India batsman Venugopal Rao has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket. Rao represented India in 16 ODIs, the last of which came in May 2006 against West Indies at Basseterre. The 37-year-old Andhra batsman could amass only 218 runs with a lone fifty to his name in the 11 innings he played for the Men in Blue after making his debut against Sri Lanka at Dambulla in July 2005. He played 121 first-class matches scoring 7,081 runs, which included 17 hundreds and 30 fifties. He also played 65 IPL matches for Deccan Chargers, Delhi Daredevils and Sunrisers Hyderabad between 2008 and 2014.last_img read more

Using theatre as a tool for holistic growth

first_imgThe play Abinoshwar is performed by Articoll – the Theatre Group of AICURD, an NGO that has consistently been pursuing its aim to improve the quality of life of marginalised sections of population through community-based programmes of poverty alleviation and socio-economic empowerment with added attention towards Elementary Education, Health and Training for income generating activities, since 1985.Articoll Theatre Group uses Theatre learning as a tool for holistic growth and development and provides it free of cost for its home students who take computer training in the free computer training centre of AICURD. It also conducts regular classes and workshops with eminent visiting faculty from the theatre fraternity. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainOn December 20, 2018, Articoll started highlighting issues of ‘Youth Struggle’ with its original play ‘Arthur’ which is written and directed by Janani Ray. Articoll’s next original production ‘Simar’ which is a devised musical short play, written and directed by Janani Ray, Choreographed by Umesh Bisht and Madhumita Sen, was presented at the 18th Dilli Bangla Boi Mela (18th Delhi Bengali Book Fair) 2019. Articoll is now out with its third show in the series of productions based on ‘Youth Struggle’ and this is their last of the series. On August 14, 2019, ‘Abinoshwar’ was staged at the Muktadhara Auditorium at 7 pm. Award winning renowned Theatre Director Rabishankar Kar has directed the play, with co-directors Sachin Bisht and Janani Ray, and the play is written by the Amra Kajon Theatre Group. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardThe story focuses on a teenager who is burdened by his father’s dreams. Abinoshwar is forced to join the rat race towards becoming a doctor and leave Benaras to live far away from home in order to pursue his training at XL Coaching Institute. The stark difference between the two worlds create unforeseen and extremely disorienting circumstances for Abi and his strength to move on is jolted. Abinoshwar moved people with its flawless performances and received many compliments from the audience. Shri Niloy Roy, Dean, Shri Ram Centre, graced the occasion as Guest of Honor. He congratulated and complimented the entire team for putting up a highly successful show. The cast of the play includes Akash Rajput as Abinoshwar Majhi, Abhishek as Deveshwar Majhi, Asma as Kamla Majhi, Promila as Sangita Majhi, Moin Sultan as Alok Kumar Bhattacharjee, Siddharth as Dr Pradhan, to name a few.last_img read more

CanniMed postpones shareholder meeting to hold talks with Aurora Cannabis

first_imgSASKATOON – CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. is postponing a key shareholder meeting to give it time to hold talks with Aurora Cannabis Inc. which has made a hostile takeover offer for the company.Trading in CanniMed shares (TSX:CMED) was halted pending the news.The meeting had been set for Jan. 23 for CanniMed shareholders to vote on its plan to issue shares in its acquisition of Newstrike Resources Ltd. The meeting will now be held on Jan. 25.CanniMed cautioned “there is no certainty that any such discussion will result in an agreement among the parties in respect of a transaction or in any change to the terms of Aurora’s offer.”Aurora (TSX:ACB) has made an all-stock offer for the company worth up to $24 per share. However, the offer requires CanniMed to drop its plans to acquire Newstrike.CanniMed has urged its shareholders to vote in favour of the Newstrike deal, but three of the Saskatoon-based company’s biggest shareholders representing 38 per cent of outstanding shares have signed lock-up agreements backing Aurora’s bid.Newstrike shareholders (TSXV:HIP) voted overwhelmingly in favour on Wednesday of the acquisition of the company by CanniMed.last_img read more

Moroccos Health Ministry to Reduce Price of Cancer Medicines

Rabat – Minister of Health Anas Doukkali has released a list of the 210 drugs to be reduced in price. The official list of new prices has been posted online, starting on page 61 of an 86-page document. The newly released list includes medicines for chronic illnesses such as cancer and mental illness.The list shows the prices for the public before and after the reduction, as well as the prices at the hospital before and after being reduced.The Ministry’s decision to reduce prices is an example of implementation of the national drug policy, specifically decree 2.13.852, issued on December 19, 2013. Since putting this policy into effect, the ministry has been reducing the cost of drugs in groups of two or three hundred.So far, over 3,000 pharmaceutical medicines are now more affordable for the public.The medicines chosen for reduction are those used to treat chronic illnesses including cancer and mental illnesses.Read also: Moroccan Scientist Develops New Cancer Treatment read more