Bournemouth upset Man United

first_img IMPROVING SEASON Bournemouth’s first season in the top flight is starting to get better and better. The little coastal club that almost dropped out of the country’s professional leagues six years ago beat Chelsea 1-0 away last weekend for what ranked as the biggest win in its 116-year history. Other results: Norwich 1 Everon 1; Crystal Palace 1 Southampton 0; Sunderland 0 Watford 1; West Ham 0 Stoke City 0. MANCHESTER, England (AP): First it was criticism of Manchester United’s playing style. Then came the team’s limp exit at the Champions League group stage. Yesterday, it was a loss to tiny Bournemouth in one of the Premier League’s biggest-ever mismatches. The problems are stacking up for under-pressure United manager Louis van Gaal in his second season in charge of England’s biggest club. United – depleted by a wretched run of injuries to senior players – conceded directly from a corner in the second minute on their way to a humbling 2-1 loss at Bournemouth, the latest shock result in a season of surprises in the Premier League. Earlier yesterday, Manchester City had needed a huge deflected goal just to get a 2-1 home win over Swansea, who are without a manager and on one of the worst run of results in the league. City went top on goal difference, for one day at least.last_img read more

Who’s behind the Jon Gruden Twitter parody account?

first_imgThe real Jon Gruden has disappointed this season, to say the least, but the fake Jon Gruden has been right on point.While the 55-year-old trades his best player, leads the Raiders to an underwhelming 1-5 start and inspires fans to make a website counting down the milliseconds until his 10-year contract expires, a 26-year-old public relations and content specialist at a real estate investment firm in Ohio takes advantage.Justin Greear created the Jon Gruden Twitter parody account before the …last_img read more

Enceladus Cannot Spout for Billions of Years

first_img(Visited 652 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 You can tell when theorists are getting desperate. Their assumptions get more and more implausible, and they gloss over falsifying facts.Enceladus, the little geysering moon studied intensely by Cassini from 2004 to 2017, puts out so much material it creates a large, broad ring around Saturn – the E-ring. Keeping this moon’s completely unexpected activity going for even a few million years has been challenging, let alone billions. NASA just sent its latest idea up the flagpole to see if anybody salutes. Announced by JPL, the article “Powering Saturn’s active moon” introduces the b-word in the first sentence:Heat from friction could power hydrothermal activity on Saturn’s moon Enceladus for billions of years if the moon has a highly porous core, according to a new modeling study by European and U.S. researchers working on NASA’s Cassini mission.The basic idea is this: if Enceladus has a porous core with 20 to 30 percent empty space, if the rock is the right kind, if the pore spaces are filled with liquid water, if Enceladus receives tidal pumping, if it has a global ocean of sufficient depth, and if hydrothermal activity occurs, then perhaps the activity can be sustained for a long time. The perhapsimaybecouldness index is sky-high in this model, but the moyboys have no choice: they have to keep this tiny moon going for the age of the solar system.Ocean? Water? That vision sent the media into a hydrobioscopic frenzy:“The internal ocean of Saturn’s moon Enceladus could be old enough to have evolved life, finds study” (Monica Grady at The Conversation).“Enceladus’s hot, gritty core may cook up ingredients for life” (Leah Crane at New Scientist).“Choblet and his colleagues found this effect could heat Enceladus from tens of millions of years to billions of years. This may be long enough to supply the kinds of conditions needed for life to develop, they said.” ( readers, seeing the b-word billions in the opening sentence, may feel sufficiently nudged to return to the cozy warmth of the moyboy consensus. Only careful readers reading below the fold may run into the problems with this model:“The ocean in Enceladus would have frozen within 30 million years,” the scientists admit. That’s less than 1% of its assumed age leaving a huge amount of time to keep the moon warm enough to spout.Look how small this moon is!2. “The amount of energy required to produce these temperatures is more than scientists think could be provided by decay of radioactive elements in the interior.” Scientists cannot, therefore, rely on the contribution of heat from the typical radioactive sources.3. Enceladus lacks enough mass to keep losing some of it to space for billions of years. The press release says,The researchers estimate that, over time (between 25 and 250 million years), the entire volume of Enceladus’ ocean passes through the moon’s core. This is estimated to be an amount of water equal to two percent of the volume of Earth’s oceans.In other words, in 5% of its assumed age, Enceladus would have already lost its entire ocean. For the entire age (assumed to be 4.5 billion years), Enceladus would have lost its entire ocean through its geysers twenty times over! In Earth terms, that would be 40% of all the water in all the oceans on Earth—for a moon the diameter of Arizona (about 300 miles).Notice how the lead author minimizes the implications of Cassini’s observations:“Where Enceladus gets the sustained power to remain active has always been a bit of a mystery, but we’ve now considered in greater detail how the structure and composition of the moon’s rocky core could play a key role in generating the necessary energy,” said the study’s lead author, Gaël Choblet from the University of Nantes in France.It’s just “a bit” of a mystery. No big deal, right? Only a ‘bit’. Notice that Choblet says it “has always been” a mystery. They’ve had 13 years to solve this problem. The latest idea, considering the problems listed above, is not a convincing case. It only “could” play a “key role” in the solution, Choblet says. That’s like saying that Mark Wahlberg “could play a key role” in his Broadway flop if he could sign him up.The paper is published in Nature Astronomy. Sure enough, they add tons of hoc to their ad hoc model to hawk it. They rely on unobserved “orbital evolution” of the moon’s eccentricity. They tweak the mineral composition of the core, which nobody can see, relying on serpentine but no brucite or magnetite that would reduce those billions of years. Assume, assume, assume. For example:Even though the conditions inside Enceladus’ core are different from those considered in laboratory tests (lower frequency, higher pressure), we assume that a similar trend should occur when the core materials are subjected to cyclic strain. This assumption will have to be confirmed by future mechanical tests in the appropriate range.It’s clear they are forcing Enceladus to be old, not following the evidence where it leads. Assumptions about billions of years lead the way in this clumsy walk. As for life out there, they’ve had 150 years to figure out life by chance, and are even further away from an answer than they were in the heady days of visions of Darwin’s warm little ponds.This paper seems to be a desperate attempt to answer creationists. Since CEH has taken the lead for years in calling Saturn’s billions of years into question (with possibly the help of Spike Psarris and his videos), we might even presume they are trying to respond to us. Of course, they would never say that. They mustn’t acknowledge we even exist. But since we have put out dozens of articles that quote the moyboys’ own scientific papers and show the folly in their arguments, and since they know a lot of people read it, what other motivation do they have? If Enceladus cannot be old, nor Titan, nor Saturn, nor the rings, then their moyboy house crumbles and Darwinism with it.And we demand of the secular media: quit the hydrobioscopy act. We’re onto you. You know it’s a distraction, a red herring. Teasing your audience’s attention away from one problem with a far bigger problem is not helpful. Focus on the facts at hand: Enceladus is pumping 200 kilograms of stuff per second to space. That’s 6.3 billion kilograms per year! Over the assumed age of the solar system this little moon would pump 30 billion billion kilograms of stuff at that rate. Can anyone believe that this little moon has discharged a third of its mass through its geysers? If that is not sufficiently disturbing to shock you back to reality, what about Jupiter’s moon Io? It would have erupted 40 times its entire mass through its volcanoes in 4.5 billion years. Don’t be ridiculous. Follow the evidence where it leads: these (and many other objects in the solar system) are young.last_img read more

A guide to South Africa’s best beaches

first_imgFrom the Cape West Coast on the desert border with Namibia to northern KwaZulu-Natal, the South African coastline stretches more 2 500 kilometres and boasts some of the most beautiful beach landscapes in the world. Kei Mouth in the Eastern Cape is one of many beaches along the South African coastline that you can enjoy this summer. (Image: Brand South Africa)Brand South Africa reporterEverything from popular blue flag beaches to secluded sandy stretches seemingly untouched by the modern world, South Africa’s beaches have something for everyone and every taste: surfing, fishing or relaxing.Here are captivating images of just a small portion of the majestic South African coastline.Hobie Beach: When in Port Elizabeth, check out Hobie Beach. Situated in the vicinity of The Boardwalk, the beach hosts the annual Splash Festival, which has great shopping and entertainment. The beach, which is a favourite for swimming, sunbathing and body surfing, also offers sheltered rock pools with interesting inter-tidal sea life. It also includes a launching place for sailing and rubber ducking. (Image: Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism)Jeffreys Bay: South Africa’s home of surfing is a laid back hamlet that always opens its arms to tourists. Try your hand at surfing or just relax with a drink at the Jolly Dolphin pub. (Image: South African Tourism)Kei Mouth: The small seaside village of Kei Mouth is less than 100km from East London. With a comfortable climate and uncluttered beaches on the western bank of the Great Kei River, the area is a popular fishing spot and for those looking for a slower pace. (Image: Wikipedia)Morgans Bay: Just an hour’s drive from East London, this little resort town has been the Eastern Cape’s best kept secret for its frequent visitors until recently. Now, it graces must-visit lists. Don’t be surprised if the beach is packed in December. Book early. (Image: Morgan Bay Hotel)Nahoon: Nahoon is a popular East London beach, and is one of the region’s top surf spots with almost perfect waves. Watersports, safe swimming and fishing are also big attractions for locals and tourists alike. (Image: Shamin Chibba)Umhlanga Rocks: Meaning “the place of reeds” in Zulu, Umhlanga Rocks makes for a fine getaway for those looking to do some shopping and fine dining. And if you want to stay in luxury with a great view of the ocean, The Oyster Box Hotel should be your first choice. (Image: Caelus Aerial Photography)Boulders Beach: Boulders Beach, near Simon’s Town, Cape Town, is renowned for its penguin population and picture-postcard family-friendly beaches. Boardwalk tours through the penguin colony give visitors a close-up view of the endangered African penguin. (Image: South African Tourism)Christmas Bay: Situated in Ballito Bay, it is here that the wreck of the Phoenix can be spotted. (Image: Tourism KwaDukuza)Camps Bay: As one of South Africa’s most famous beaches, Camp’s Bay attracts tourists and locals alike with pristine white sand beaches, favourable summer weather and one-in-a-million views of the majestic Table Mountain. (Image: Wikipedia)Hermanus: Hermanus is a coastal town on the southern coast of the Western Cape, renowned for its perfect whale-watching experience. Humpbacks and blue whales can be spotted along its coast from June to December. (Southern As one of the Cape’s best kept secrets, Noordhoek hides in the shadow of Chapman’s Peak. Its picturesque and sandy shoreline is popular with horse riders and families. (Image: Noordhoek Tourism)Paternoster: Paternoster is one of the oldest fishing villages on the west coast of South Africa. (Image: Audley Travel)Santos Beach, Mossel Bay: As one of South Africa’s most recent blue flag beaches on the Garden Route, Santos is becoming a popular destination for families and young people in the region.Coffee Bay: Coffee Bay is a rustic beachcomber village, close to Port St Johns on the Eastern Cape coast, offering fishing, swimming and diving for visitors looking for a tranquil but adventurous ocean experience. (Image: Pank Seelen, Flickr)Hole in the Wall, Coffee Bay: Situated on the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast, The Hole is part of a natural rock formation that connects the ocean to the Mpako River. The booming waves against the rock give it its isiXhosa name ‘esiKhaleni’ – the place of sound. (Image: Rodger Bosch, Brand South Africa)Source: SAA 26 Degrees South Bloglast_img read more

Fodder scam case verdict: Lalu appeals to party workers, leaders to maintain peace

first_imgAs the court judgement in the fodder scam case, RC 64(A) / 1996, is expected to come at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad appealed to party workers and leaders to maintain peace if he is sent to jail. Mr. Prasad, who was coming out from the State guest house to reach the special CBI court in Ranchi, said he had full faith in the judiciary and that he would get justice from the court.“I will not be cowed down with such frightening action conspired by the BJP and the RSS… I’ll not take rest until the BJP is wiped out from the country,” he said.Also Read  A large number of RJD workers and leaders, including Bihar party chief Ramchandra Purve, gathered outside the special CBI court. “Lalu Prasad is not only our leader but a political ideology,” said party workers in chorus.Tejaswi Yadav, Leader of the Opposition in Bihar and son of Mr. Prasad, is accompanying his father to the court.Scene at Mr. Prasad’s residenceA pall of gloom has descended on 10, Circular Road in Patna, where Mr. Prasad lives with his family.Rabri Devi, wife of Mr. Prasad and his elder son Tej Pratap Yadav are inside the residence but the green imposing gate with a big-size lantern (party symbol) atop is shut with security guards peeping from behind. No visitors are allowed.Sources from inside the residence told The Hindu that Mr. Tej Pratap performed his ritual morning puja (offering) at a temple for over half-an-hour and so did his mother. The temple is located inside the sprawling bungalow.The family members and staff are glued to TV sets waiting for the verdict.No one was seen going inside or coming out of the gate since morning.Leaders of the ruling Janata Dal (United) said: “we all should welcome court’s justice. ”Party leader and spokesperson Neeraj Kumar said the verdict would prove to be a milestone in corruption cases. ED files chargesheet against Lalu’s daughter Misa Bharti in money laundering caselast_img read more

Sent Force India into administration to save the team: Sergio Perez

first_imgMexican Formula One driver Sergio Perez said on Saturday he sent the Force India team he drives for into administration to save the jobs of 400 colleagues.Perez said he was broken-hearted at having to make the claim for money owed, which put the British-based team in administration, but he insists it was not for personal gain.Perez told reporters at the Hungarian Grand Prix that he had endured a month of emotional and mental hell and his racing had suffered because of the team’s precarious financial situation.Debt-ridden Sahara Force India F1 team put into administrationForce India, co-owned by embattled Indian businessman Vijay Mallya and fifth in the championship, were placed into administration by the London High Court on Friday.”I love Vijay. My heart is really broken because I know this is not ideal in the short term for him, but the big picture is really different,” said Perez.Force India not realising potential because of financial issues: Sergio Perez”The bottom line of this is that we do this or the team would have gone bust. That’s what I get from the lawyers and members of the team.”Going into administration effectively removes the immediate threat of closure and also overcomes the obstacle of shareholder resistance to a sale.Perez’s claim for money owed – some 4 million euros, mostly from last season – was supported by engine provider Mercedes and team sponsor BWT which says it is also owed significant sums.With up to five interested parties, a sale appears imminent, and the August break after Sunday’s grand prix gives the team breathing space to sort out its future before going racing again.advertisement”There was a winding-up petition from another customer which would have closed down the team completely. Therefore I was asked to basically save the team, to pull the trigger and put the team into administration” said Perez.”It has nothing to do with my outstanding amounts. The only reason I’ve done it is to save the team and for its better future,” added the driver, who is now in his fifth season with Force India.”I am sure everyone appreciates what I’ve done and if they don’t appreciate it right now, because a couple of members of the team don’t know the full picture, they will appreciate it in a week’s time or so.”(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more