Master the perceptual thinking, Shanghai dragon easy to produce high quality original articles

, how to write the original article


Shanghai dragon?

readers’ properties are largely determined by the content, if you write is a sensible article, then readers naturally stand in the perspective of rational and perceptual reading, the article can give a person a kind of "the mountain is not the mountain" feeling, because to facilitate better understanding perceptual in the article, the author found a very simple but full of sentimental articles in the online data as follows: read more

The signs were removed from the nternet to carry out network marketing is urgent

, of course, some friends will say "mobile phone" the keyword index is too high, not representative, believe that careful friends will find more and more industries began to pay attention to the brand, began to spend big price to promote their brands, such as electrical Jingdong, Gome, suning贵族宝贝 and so on, beauty cosmetics. This is a brand of goods, from known to unknown to the public but also led to the rise of the Internet brand, now we see only a small part of the popular industry to carry out brand marketing, believe that soon, more and more enterprises will find this trend, to pay attention to their own brand, whether or not to do optimization promotion in just a product promotion of their own, a keyword, but their own brand. Here I come to the necessity of brand marketing. read more

The history of the most complete website drop right reason analysis

3xx (redirect) to fulfill the request, the need for further operation. Usually, these used to redirect status code.

203 (unauthorized information) server has been successfully processed the request, but the return information may come from another source.

300 (multiple choice) according to the request, the server can perform multiple operations. The server according to the requester (user agen>

in the rapid development of the Internet era and the prospect of expensive bidding cost for most enterprises suffering so low cost of occupation – Shanghai dragon was born, the number of employees is increasing every year, but spam of the Internet more and more, Yu Shisou search engine in order to better meet the user experience has frequently launched the adjustment algorithm. During this period, there are many site is down right or even being K away, for what reason, there are many friends from the post root is not completely find the problem, here the author of your many years of experience for everyone to share out, hope to help you as soon as possible to restore the site ranking. read more

The Shanghai dragon pseudo technology you grasp what floor


why so many people love to engage in academic? These problems aside, Jane Shanghai also want to go before the Dragon sent home, after frequent accident made me realise what is the most important, it is the same with Shanghai dragon.

often see those people on TV speak closely reasoned and well argued, the reason, let him down as he said the operation plan are difficult to die again, see Shanghai dragon teacher speak very good, in the Taiwan case logical order, awesome, maybe they are not so powerful, pseudo art always exist in each corner of the world, but to learn the theory and technology, need to go over, diligence is the technology to send the nature of theory seems to be the core technology of pseudo. read more

How to operate the chain optimization, the most important point in the core

such as Jingdong, Dangdang these sites in this respect is very good, the Jingdong you buy in the left side of the page there is a word "browse the users of the goods, they eventually bought what" the colloquial tips, guide the purchase effect is very strong, we can also make reading the article the user eventually which > Browse


if we say that the text itself does not solve the problem, and the chain we will help users solve the problem, then we can turn from a guest into a host which is a small, should pay attention to the details. read more

Website optimization easy to ignore the problem

Shanghai dragon contact this thing since I have been in that this is something that can be very simple is not simple, analysis of keywords, get the original, engage in the chain. In fact, it is also difficult to use, what strategy selection, the selection of the long tail, not to rank etc.. Zac said Shanghai dragon ninety-five percent things on the website on his website marketing password, the forum can be learned, but not the other five percent is not really well in Shanghai and the five percent dragon, the Internet is not learned, Shanghai dragon need to practice more need for long-term analysis, tracking the network optimization method, there are too many, mainly depends on your ability to execute, and practical experience. Here at the main or to share with you, I met some people often encounter problems in the practice, I hope you avoid detours. In order to improve the ranking of the site we are very hard to original articles, false original article, send outside the chain to improve the quality of the chain and so on. But some small problems we often ignore. read more

How to optimize the blog

4. from http:/>

blog has a lot of social marketing benefits. Blog is the essence of socialization. Open comments can make the reader interaction, interactive bloggers also tend to have a high degree of. For example, one might write a blog post or in another blog, as for other blog post reaction. Other people have a lot of blogs cross connect. A blog is a topic in the field of experts will establish itself as a chance to participate in this interactive activities can greatly improve the visibility of the enterprise. In addition to these advantages, the proper optimization of the blog can also bring blog search engine and search traffic. read more

On the site of a flat structure and depth of structure

let me have a website very tangled, because the website structure is very complex, I put the site structure called the deep structure. Today I and colleagues in the chat about practicing programmers website structure topic, many programmers are aware of website design flat structure, but many programmers do not know the principle of the flat structure of the site in the search engines love Shanghai. Including my colleagues in the practice did not know the principle, so today the author Ceng Guanghong for the site of a flat structure in science to read more

How to use Dedecms to share website search optimization

to all pages page can use the following form

3. if not necessary, do not open the two level domain, using two directory

1. produced a total uniform head template and bottom template

5. in each template page add a random article list and TAG label

a good head of navigation template, not only allows users to quickly and accurately find what they need, also can make the search easier to crawl to you to update your content, but also can optimize the internal links of the site itself, of course, the head of navigation we should highlight the characteristics of our key columns and contents. A specification of the bottom template should include contact method and copyright you, remember, the code is simple enough, but as far as possible not to change read more

Noble baby can also pay to play high-profile software mailbox

? The

in addition, noble baby support in Gmail wallet function, allowing users to send mail with cash". As long as you are a noble baby Wallet account, can send a message, select the attachment bar of the "Attach Money", to the recipient to send a certain amount of money. No other Gmail account also never mind, the money will be directly into each other’s noble baby "wallet" account. However, there are users worried that whether there is transfer security issues.

the traditional mail processing method is based on the title, first look at the message content, and then click enter mail processing. Now, allow the sender to add baby noble code in the message, there will be a small button in the email title right, users do not need to open the mail can also email according to the email title. Gmail add Action button, will link service, comment, reply in advance to invite mail title right, open the mail save time. read more

Analysis of the causes of the website not included

A total of 2. The The content of quality control of


3. Love Shanghai to control the "quality is more and more strict, when we complain about love Shanghai not included your site, you have not thought about their own content quality done in a complete mess. When you are not up to the requirements of "collection of love Shanghai, certainly not included your site. Or your content is copied, the love of Shanghai is not discrimination, the premise is you should better than others, you can process rich from the server stability, the size of the audience, the content of the page, does not have to be original, but you must in some way to do better than others, or love Shanghai what is included in your read more

Don’t rely on the chain ranking past it

are recently discovered some problems, and don’t rush to submit after the promotion, wait until after the stable, other details to summarize it, today said the chain of ranking also play a big role in the following screenshot shows

second: want to quickly included must submit the following Shanghai as love, alone cannot crawl on the chain to get by.

but now is really such a problem, not only to test, I do not know the test results are useful to everyone.

third: the title of the site the best natural, and don’t always have the title in the description, then the description must have, so now it seems not very scientific. read more

Rose how to use the Taobao riot event marketing

for the selected theme, there are many places you can write. I think this is the first thing we can be divided into two aspects to express their views, for example, we support the Taobao, they will support Taobao mall "enterprise" and "standardization" and "positive"

Hello, I am the rose. "Taobao riots" these two days had more fire, Chinese also sent back their own tradition: the crowd, as a personal webmaster, a very small part of what we can’t change, but also do not want to miss what, because we all know that a big event is definitely a good theme we used to do event marketing. If our website weight is high enough, write good enough, then we can use this article or post bring huge traffic, can even help us into revenue sometimes. The Beijing Shanghai dragon sniffs the rose for everyone to talk about how to use this event to do event marketing. "Taobao riot" trigger not only is thousands of tens of thousands of people, things, it’s like a bomb on the network crazy pass, we have to do event marketing, first is to clear the core of this incident, secondly choose to bring the flow of words for us, then we complete the article, the final choice of the site published. read more

Ali Alliance a unified description of the problem about the settlement timeThe female owner of entre

express logistics more than one count.

normal fees, we will not delete, who slander Ali alliance post, we will not hesitate to delete. I believe that most people support Ali alliance, please just publishers for us to clarify the facts!


then, police investigation found that the rental room has 4 to 5 young people, the room piled full of boxes, which filled with clothes. Owner Lin said, she and her husband run an online shop, business is not bad, these parcels are delivered to buyers everywhere. Police at the scene did not find any suspicious circumstances, so in accordance with the logo on the box, copied several brands back to the police station for registration for reference. read more

Analysis to make Shanghai dragon will first fix the mother-in-law

ER in Shanghai Longfeng pandering to the search engine but unhappy, ignore one of the most critical factors, that is the wife’s mother, also is the user, through the above analysis we know that, the relationship between search engine and user is a mother, a daughter, then the search engine is to listen to the user so, if your website allows users to very love, then the search engine will not dare not love, then you will have ranking and traffic.

Mother daughter

the door son-in-law is that our Shanghai dragon Er, our goal is to have a good search engine rankings, bring effective flow, finally obtain profit. Do Shanghai dragon knows, we started around the search engine, because it needs included our site, so our site to appear in search of the SERP page, in order to have a subsequent ranking profit, but also from this point, let a lot of Shanghai dragon Er lost, because a lot of Shanghai dragon the practitioner will look Dingsi on search engines. read more

Shanghai love experience outside the chain of tools maybe before about the chain of the theory is wr

first introduced how to use the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools.

The basic approach of is possible!

is very simple, love Shanghai visit Webmaster Platform, click on the webmaster tools, and then click to use immediately, then add the site and verify the site, then click into the verification tool area, this time the left navigation has a webmaster tools, there are several tools webmaster tools below, one of which is also marked "the beta tool chain. The following figure:

Before read more

Tell you what is the optimal strategy of enterprise website

is their optimization strategy. The general arrangement of their strategy is how to do, the following are introduced in detail:

two, the website structure and content of

, a strategy selection and layout of keywords

1. enterprise website keyword selection is very important, need to have the effect of keywords, but also do up rankings. These are the companies began to enter the network marketing to take into account issues.

2. content, it is self-evident. It contains a lot of enterprise products and news information. Let visitors feel your website content every day new. It can improve the viscosity of visitors in your website. If you write well, write articles may also have a lot of visitors are reproduced, bring publicity for your site, you play for enterprise marketing purposes. read more

Site construction and optimization of Mo wore the wedding dress for others

website construction and website optimization, the benign competition to mutual development is a kind of helpless people. As the site construction company, first of all should ensure their mentality enough sunshine, as in the past to adhere to quality content to win the trust of the search engine. To enrich the content of the website, improve website quality at the same time, more need to protect their own hard work, Mo Yin inadvertently picked by others. In the construction of website design and website optimization process, so much confusion. For example, his hard cudgel thinking articles, search engine is not included, but has been reproduced in other websites "". Hard work, has been gradually recognized the search engine optimization effect, the ideal has not yet come, but has attracted competitors envy, suffered by malicious brush hammer etc. keywords. In the face of non-standard competition and even some malicious removal practices, maintain a calm, necessary preventive measures are needed. read more

Shanghai Longfeng orders need to do to see the difficulty of keywords

we know that the weight is generally greater than the home page directory, the directory is larger than the content page. If we see the results in a lot of the site is home page address, so often that the word is very popular. According to my experience, home if there are more than 7 such sites as the degree of competition is very large.


so, how to do? I think it is a very key point, must learn to look at the key words difficult to combine their resources to see. Personally think that the current Shanghai Dragon technology basic difference, mainly is the distance or experience. The author in the "beginner experience and contacts is king" also mentioned the importance of experience for beginners. There are several effective ways to look at the key words difficult to think: read more

Shanghai Longfeng external links on the site ranking analysis

from the 贵族宝贝 station starting A5, please indicate the

three, many sites are on the purchase link to the rankings, but recent purchase of external links to the website ranking in the fall, but did not buy external links only link in some related domain is close to the site’s ranking rose, this is why? Google posted a message at the end of February this year that is, some of the content of the station on a large scale of punishment, the major search engines may have some action, because now the market links too rampant, seriously affect the fairness of the search engine, so that you will have to pay attention. read more