The new Shanghai dragon ER how to simply judge words heat

two, the number of search results

use this command to search a number of words is a website how much you search, for example, you want to know how many sites in the use of the words to get traffic, Shanghai dragon ER can use the intitle command, intitle: early vitiligo can cure you can find the relevant website.

is the number of search results in search of a word, returns the number of results, such as the search of vitiligo early can be cured, the lower right will appear "to find relevant results about X, this is the number of search results, Shanghai dragon ER can judge the degree of difficulty of the word using this result, if the number of search results 10 in case the word competition is very small, hundreds of thousands more that have a certain degree of difficulty, if it is difficult to reach millions of words, the number of search results can be used as one of the criteria to select keywords webmaster. read more

The small website of Shanghai dragon ideas


many Shanghai dragon ER in the analysis of keywords competition degree usually enter a misunderstanding: that love Shanghai as the index, the search results page number of such words is difficult to obtain ranking. The fact is really like this? This is the most intuitive judgment, but not.

, URL of the 3 cognitive

keyword is the core of Shanghai dragon, content, chain, chain, user experience and other tasks will be carried out around the keywords. Many webmaster in order to get good rankings, will find ways to stack keywords, this method may be useful before 2013, but now it would be counterproductive, dangerous draw down right. read more

Analysis of several different approaches to love Shanghai snapshot

love love Shanghai for Shanghai snapshot is a plain text file copy of the web page, when the page is slow to open, open the love Shanghai snapshots, the speed will become very fast, of course, love Shanghai snapshot images or other multimedia elements will disappear, the only relevant content words. In general, love Shanghai snapshot what impact for the site of the weight and ranking will not, but once the love Shanghai snapshot appears to change, perhaps indicating the site exists a variety of problems that need to be paid attention to and solved, the following is to analyze the phenomenon of love sea snapshot of several common, and put forward the corresponding processing method the. read more

How was in a half the ranking of the first page

1, adhere to the original

today, as usual, ranking the first thing is to open the computer to use Adsense tools to check my site. Surprised to find that yesterday’s website ranking or in tenth, to 5 today, I have a surprise, do not believe in love, so the search box input in Shanghai Nanjing Shanghai dragon, was to see the Nanjing Shanghai dragon _ Ji dove in fifth (my blog blog). It makes me excited for a while, I want to stop to tell the news to the people around me, I share the happiness at the same time, here I want to record the process and experience of one and a half months, the experience for everyone to share. read more

swam for Shanghai Dragon Network Google PR reference value more and more small


two, long-term not update or open the website of PR decreased

Google Although the

, a Google PR for the new update of


update, now has not updated, many owners are also excited a lot of articles on Google update, I hope the stars, looking forward to the moon, the exciting moment is coming today, Google finally update, and update the amplitude phase when large, especially for the new station however, for those high weight website, known as the A5 Adsense nets, Chinaz Adsense nets, they did not update pr. Update from the Google PR, for an understanding of it: read more

No education no diploma no background chose the Shanghai Dragon

psychological analysis of cool

Shanghai dragon

see this title certainly thought that "the title of the party", no matter. Now is Beijing time: May 17, 2012, I have graduated for two years, to tell the truth: the years have really not how. Basically is "mixed" over, in fact there are many like author 80, 90 young people. The "moonlight clan", you may think they are young, not what the big deal. There are a lot of youth to spend, but slowly over time. One day you will suddenly feel "out of time", the pressure of life will make you breathless. I have no qualifications, no diploma, no background, more than "high Fushuai". Just a "lifting wire", sometimes feel like tiny ants. read more

Analysis of the penguin Empire hunt Road

if you want to ask, what is the Chinese most familiar with the computer software, the answer will no doubt be QQ; if you want to ask, what is Chinese the most used software, the answer will be QQ; if you want to ask, what is the indispensable software Chinese computer mobile phone, the answer is still QQ. It can be said that Tencent has become a sign of the times, from the beginning of birth in 1998, it began to change our way of life. Just more than 10 years of development, QQ registered users has exceeded 1 billion mark, and its 2011 launch of WeChat products and quickly occupy the market, less than 2 years, has more than 300 million users…… Under Ma Huateng’s a series of careful layout, the Tencent of this clumsy cute little penguin has become today in the Internet community especially China Internet community so many Internet entrepreneurs are afraid of predators, and the rapid development of the Internet today, is still able to maintain their dominant position without wavering. Tencent, this clumsy cute little penguin: what kind of ability? Today, let us together and everyone to read, on the road of the penguin Empire hunt. read more

About Shanghai Dragon Technology and Shanghai dragon thinking

this stage, Shanghai dragon and SEM integration, brand transaction and transformation, the overall layout of the brand, user needs analysis, the overall arrangement of the work, continue to create value for the company, is the Shanghai dragon thinking stage.

In the practice of

, through their years of knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon experience combination, formed a unique Shanghai dragon thinking, will become the core competitiveness of Shanghai Longfeng career.

Shanghai dragon

thinking read more

Bubble Mart Wang Ning from the first countdown with retail trendsetterAfter the market venture thous

| Zhai Wenting

Wang Ning, the field of Internet entrepreneurs like chess, often only one winner; while the traditional business is like playing chess, or just how much of the problem.

08 years of the financial tsunami, the world jittery. For more than 20 year old young people, it is harder to start a business in adversity. But many "80" is to see this opportunity, adversity enterprise, they will call this: "big fish died, small fish have to eat!"!"

"to the financial tsunami," big fish "dead," little fish "to eat some, let us discuss the ‘entrepreneurship through’!" Yesterday, the reporter in a "Tianhe City small shops alliance group noted that the work" ELSTE "at the end of last year has just established business group, now has 22 friends to join, and uniform for" 80 ", more than half of them have been in the year when the CIS" small boss". read more

Depth analysis of Taobao search model and the latest ranking rules

also will affect the price artificially high, sellers will also affect the search model.

at the top of the business rules is the last filtering layer of a commodity, mainly by some such as: seven days returned, composed of consumer protection plan etc..

anti cheat model and model with the lowest category, that is to say when a commodity with the wrong category of irregularities, as the lack of effective show.

The seller The

pictures, SKU commodity title, and commodity key attributes one by one, read more

Analysis of the new website new home page article is not ranked second

love Shanghai second website content, but no home page ranking


March 28, 2014, suddenly see the WordPress article page can be paged on the Internet, just released today.

March 10, 2014, the morning went to the webmaster tools query record the status of the site, unfortunately it was not included, no website snapshot, also wrote second articles.


March 23, 2014, the Yu Xiao brothers showed me where the @ completed the title, keywords and description of the changes, but that is not enough. My current website interface is too ugly, not at the atmosphere, spent 228 yuan to buy a large front D8 template (why not to use free, free to modify is afraid of no technical support for my own website I spelled read more

Fast to solve problem three website drop right down the right site solution

1. to check their website

Hello, in front of the two article I told everyone on the two issues, one is some phenomenon that site is down right, mainly to when we encounter a similar phenomenon can be aware of what your site has been down right, the other one is several of the main reason that site is down right, is to help people find their own website right down to some cause improper operation, timely correction. Some views on this topic to talk about today, I went to meet site right down how do we solve fast, I hope some valuable views can bring inspiration to everyone’s spark. read more

Deep blue the common problems of enterprise stand optimization


four, website content is not fresh

site layout to form more or is the form and layer mixed collocation, multilayer nested tables that search engine can’t grab; code does not conform to the W3C standard, in different browsers will often appear all sorts of different display.

choose to go to extremes

who will love beautiful things, but must pay the price, some enterprises in order to pursue the beautiful, show personality, will use a lot of flash, pictures etc. to design, even navigation is flash, almost no text page except the copyright information at the bottom of the site slow loading. read more

Born to die for ranking, ranking

station group, black hat, outside the chain, with all the contents, poor stand group, a group, and then fell in a batch, with the TV play, do not react on the do not know how to die.

ranked as the students, is your purpose for the medical industry; ranking die is your motto of the medical profession.

In addition to

for ranking, or for the medical industry rankings, what were you doing good


ranked as the students, poor students, students of the hateful.

is a medical Shanghai dragon often more than a dozen sites, the same keywords, with flooding, with the point of the technology in addition to the page ten position of monopoly off 5, thinking it must be my first home, in addition to the first, second. They forget there is a word the user experience. Forget the user even if the user is not an idiot, idiot, that he has to distinguish good and bad ability of website. read more

Discussion demand analysis to determine the site keywords ranking


search engine spiders crawling the track we will generally know: from left to right, from top to bottom. While this order roughly with the eyes of people visit the website information is the same as the order of. So, the best layout of the site will demand the importance of arrangement, will be the most important on the left, top. And other important factors can be ranked, although these meet the needs of people, and in accordance with the search.

we all have heard the car home, why autohome ranking car name or search for auto related keywords can be an easy job to do first? We can search any keywords about the car, this will show a drop in search keywords love Shanghai search box, display related search at the bottom, in the search results will show the car: car parameters, pictures, price, reputation, information, discussion and video (Post Bar). In fact, these are the needs of users, many people will ask, why the results will show the information, and the general information that the user needs to read more

Analysis of space change on site

a website at the beginning of the line, has been considering the effects of space on the site, so I have been using the network server, the performance is good, but the nets due to strategic adjustment, established in Hangzhou’s largest BGP intelligent multi line room, originally on all servers in Beijing and other places all transferred to Hangzhou. My website is launched in January 28th, regardless of the content, the update frequency is very timely, so love Shanghai, noble baby search engines have been good, but March 13th million net space transfer, the original IP address is changed, causing the site included, traffic fell badly, so that a month search engine not included the content page, and flow from the beginning of March 13th has not exceeded 200ip/ days, 100ip/ days or even sometimes do not break. read more

How the Shanghai dragon will complete the transformation to adapt to survive

is constantly adjusting to the search engine to survive, it must be re adjusted to our Shanghai Longfeng practice, whether the content or the chain must be determined to give up the quantity to the pursuit of higher quality problem. Win with quality, in reality in order to bring the perfect experience is king, from Google’s decision to give up the outer chain analysis and from the web popularity to determine the weights of website right illustrates this point


two days to see Google published an article "" Forbes ": Shanghai dragon is dead" popular social real-time content, so I was very concerned with the Internet in recent years, crazy as well as the infiltration of enterprise profit tool, the Shanghai dragon industry also crazy, isn’t it like Google, Shanghai dragon is a wild flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? In my opinion, this is obviously not possible! read more

Guagua Shanghai Longfeng ER awesome marketing allows you to receive more single

go to Shanghai dragon forum, generally have a Q & a plate, to help them answer questions, the author also used this method received a lot of single well, generally face is the webmaster friends.

note: sprocket stations to grasp their own Oh, be careful all suffer, I come… Tears ran to try to use the domain name of miscellaneous meters, don’t let others see you with the station group mode.

: no difficulty what difficulty, send the chain, mainly mining related keywords, long tail keywords such as. read more

Fat 5. The reverse link explosion site

The five point above

cheats 5, reverse link source analysis of competitors, learn good things but not to copy others, do the reverse link is the same, to analyze those websites successfully, make sure you benefited.

2, is the blog 3, soft

. This is the most effective, very awesome. Is a high quality of soft Wen can add at least 10 more backlinks, I just put some frequently and summed up some skills to each big website submission, of course you have to work hard to write, and I wrote the article is hard, so every time to write something a lot of people use, including A5 of course, is the main place of submission. Soft release regularly, such as day one, increase this to your site is stable, the effect is very good. Like my friend is such departure to Yangzhou Shanghai Longfeng do love Shanghai first. read more

How to deal with a changing situation on the website ranking

said Shanghai is a good stuff, it brings Everfount flow and wealth for our love, but Shanghai temper is not good thinking, from time to time, always give you something to chaos, or how to be called "Baidu"? This is not just website ranking changes on the medical industry. So many webmaster to toss back on foot, although the medical profession Vung Tau, competition is relatively large, the row in front of the basically stable, the change is not big, basically is that a few do good website ranking in front, occasionally some fluctuation. Although there are new sites are added every day, leading to ranking secretly in the constantly changing, but we are not aware of, of course, even if there is no new added ranking in fluctuation, after all we are trying to move on, are constantly moving, but sometimes the love wave in Shanghai, but still let people very awful can not calm. read more