Search network how to seize the network hot spots, so that traffic rankings by leaps and bounds

network hot topic, this is every Internet users are concerned about the problem, observe the network hot spot will naturally become one of our webmaster must do one of the daily homework. The use of network hotspot website promotion to bring traffic, the rankings, is a shortcut to hundred-percent, how to take this shortcut, I think most of the webmaster is not very clear, today with my CAITONG network to sum up.

my search network is a professional TV Announcement website, and provides services such as TV play, movie introduction, star gossip, information file introduction and so on. And entertainment circles can be regarded as the most concerned topic by Chinese netizens, and also the most explosive topic of news. Let’s say a few news after 2010, Shoushou pornographic, North Zhang Yaru, ICBC female Zheng Xuan, Chao Xi Li Ge I’m just a beggar, amusement and so on during the outbreak of these events do not know how to bring traffic to the site, rankings. The materials are there every day, but how to pay attention to the news for the first time, how to collect materials, how to edit news, how to promote it, let me tell my experience. read more

Web site data analysis learn how to click on the web page

sometimes we need to understand the link click on Web pages, especially the website homepage and some intermediate pages, the content of the website layout, user experience optimization can play a very good role in guiding. The old version of the Google Analytics Site Overlay (WEB coverage map) function, you can click to view the distribution of web page, the new version of this function re named In-Page Analytics, can be viewed in the Content module, the following is my blog a screenshot:

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Use user’s lazy website operation

many web operators understand the psychological needs of seeking trouble in human nature. They are too lazy to think, bother to analyze and bother to make a choice. If someone helps to think and help to choose, this is what many users want. Don’t let me think, I think the intelligent system is more and more popular with users, can meet the needs of the user’s lazy features, have the opportunity to become killer applications. Such psychological needs require web operators to choose the user in the simplest way, rather than giving a large number of products, features, products, etc., to allow users to choose. read more

Webmaster, don’t hold onto a key word


has a core for each website, but if you just stare at this one of the words is not put, then your website is difficult to develop, and even if at first have a certain improvement, but also can not stand the test of time, eventually escape the fate as to why a single post cannot bear the burden. I believe, know a little webmaster all know it, but in spite of this, there are still many webmaster every day to put a lot of time and effort put in this one of the words, always feel that if their core keywords are not ranked, the other also did not expect, is this really the case read more

Novice to open a chain of cosmetics store display is very critical

a lot of novice to open cosmetics chain, often on the display of cosmetics scratching their heads, in fact, the display of cosmetics chain is very important. Only to do a good job in the store’s internal management and product display, enhance customer experience and the degree of consumer recognition of the brand, in order to attract more customers.

in order to break the central display location display the sense of monotony in the central display shelves removed several shelves, leaving only the bottom shelf to form a narrow space, a special display, this display method is called narrow display. The display of goods is best to introduce new products to customers or high profit merchandise, generally only 1 or 2 items of goods, can play a good promotional effect. read more

Mobile nternet in the end is a king or content for the king

yesterday and a friend in spirit when discussing some childe promotion plan of Guizhou wisdom bus, we are doing the channel or do content in this argument we should now, this time what is the content or channels for the king, Prince Ling graduated from Xiamen University, have not yet graduated at the time set up a number of companies, for the poor during area donated about 2000000 supplies and assistance fund, its unique business vision and business model of the keen sense of smell, now is the core of Guizhou smart bus head. I share some of the conclusions we discussed, hoping to help the confused friends. read more

Five tips on how to create an excellent user experience for websites

thanks Apple Corp, and now products and applications pay more and more attention to user experience. If a reader has ever used the private social software Path, he will marvel at Path’s excellent UI design. In the era of future explosion, it is becoming more and more important for products to have excellent interface design and user experience in order to give a good first impression to users.

in this article, we’ve listed five products and applications, how to design the best UX for teams and individuals who want to make products that are amazing all over the world. read more

Comment with selling Microsoft tomato garden

is perhaps because numerous nicknames, Hong Lei is tired of the tomato garden owners: first is not for Microsoft’s enclosure strategy of their mental suffering, and then again in Microsoft’s report to the detention center, the labor of their bones, it is also Microsoft also Microsoft.

is simple to think, and are selling or disguised with selling Microsoft products, what people don’t feel happy, let you in the net they should be regarded as legitimate bones, but it happened in the China beginning of the implementation of "anti monopoly law", it is said that sensitive period to prepare v. Microsoft monopoly, really in order to give people unlimited reverie space. read more

Elementary webmaster talk about doing a little bit of experience

has been building for over a year, and has not set its goals at the beginning. So, whether search website name or other keywords, almost all search less than my station.

later revised several times and began to think about the key word ranking problem. This is also a key issue because it’s a personal studio or something like that, and there’s a lot of stuff on the web and how to do it. It’s really hard for visitors to keep your website in mind.

to enter the theme bar: start, I use the stack keyword, half a month later in Baidu search website name: net soft china. Can rank first. And this ranking first, for commercial competition meaningless, who will deliberately search your website name? And these two words is not what hot, ranking first is not strange. Then added YAHOO statistics, traffic has been bad. read more

A5 webmaster nets hadron webmaster get rich, do original, vertical by Baidu

was invited by Baidu in March 6th to attend the 2013 Baidu Adsense exchange. The meeting is an invitation system, there are about 300 webmaster and the company responsible for the optimization of the responsible person attended the meeting, some optimization experts at the venue to provide a lot of suggestions, benefit greatly. Overall, there are three feelings, and we share the exchange.

site, do the original content,

Baidu pays more and more attention to the originality of content, and the website with high quality and original content will be promoted continuously. This is not surprising, why Baidu to big, portal ranking position is constantly improving. Because large portals have many professional editors, contributing to the original content, these original content is what the industry and Internet users need. For another example, A5 webmaster network every day more than 70% of the original content, these content for the user is valuable, so the user experience is good, Baidu will also give a good ranking. New submissions will be given within 5 minutes, ranking high. Before the SEO industry has a word called "content is king, the chain is emperor", now can be understood as "content for the emperor, the chain is king."". High quality original content, Baidu is the favorite. So webmaster friends do Kung Fu in the original content, conditional can recruit professional personnel, update high quality original content for the website every day, no conditions can set the user interactive columns, let users can participate in the publishing industry point of view or information. In addition to the original note, the content is to give users see, not to look to the search engines, users give evaluation, high viscosity, reproduced or propagation dynamics, the site will also give the corresponding weight is very high. read more

Brief analysis the basic operation procedure and the matters needing attention in Baidu

I want to do optimization friends all know, do Baidu know promotion can be issued outside the chain, through the chain to improve the site visits and traffic, so that the site to get better ranking. On the other hand can allow enterprises to optimize utilization of people know ourselves from a Baidu model for its own brand publicity! That is how to do it? Here we follow love network learning today the main content: in the

basic operation steps of Baidu know questions

first, landing Baidu know platform, in the input box to enter questions you want to ask, first query your question whether it was raised by other Internet users, and Title repeat. Now Baidu knows that in order to avoid asking questions, if you ask questions that have been asked and resolved, then the question you ask will be considered as a failure. Therefore, before asking questions, please search on the issue or when the question, first look at the questions on the right side of the page "related issues list, which is a similar problem. Ask again after you have identified the satisfactory answer. read more

Girls play tourism to create tourism cause

the continuous improvement of living standards, people have more and more the pursuit of spiritual and cultural life, there is hope more and more high, the tourism market is expanding and spreading, uncover new opportunities, open new markets!

Sharp eyed girl

see a gap in the market about 100 billion

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Electricity supplier research focus on local meat products mobile electricity supplier AgLocal

Aglocal home page


" is a science and technology research business Sina launched a new introduction of foreign electricity supplier website column, hopes to introduce some new products, business model and creative, to the domestic electricity supplier industry and related entrepreneurs bring reference.

Sina Technology Tracy / compile author

, an American start-up company called AgLocal, has yet to get online, but its unique entrepreneurial perspective has earned $1 million in investment. What kind of creativity attracted these VC eyes? Two words, "eat local meat."". read more

Basic points for attention in the construction of education and Training Websites

is now due to the enrollment caused by college students employment difficulty is huge, has become a universal phenomenon, so a lot of people in order to increase employment weights and the choice of education, is also in the education and training institutions training. Society has also emerged from various types of education and training units. In the current Internet age, the primary way to choose a training school is through the Internet, because it saves time and effort.

in the exclusion of visibility and other objective reasons, how can let the people choose the training institutions need to train you? In the network course, the first important thing is how you do website, website of professional education and training institutions to do good, to give people a sense of trust is easier to obtain the favor, so, this kind of website station need to pay attention to what point? There are several suggestions for reference: read more

Does your website need visitors or visitors, and you need your website

as a webmaster you might put your site as a leader, and your visitors are your people, who is who? Whether between the two is also be closely related and mutually dependent, who cannot do without who? I don’t think that water boat can capsize, our visitors can you don’t need this website, but your site is cannot do without visitors, this I our site in the passive side.

What do

is an important standard website! Is popular, traffic, which comes from the lovely our visitors they may inadvertently click into our money slave, you enslave your visitors? We need to site visitors, once you can not satisfy the visitors, visitors will abandon you. Can we then change this pattern, let visitors need your site, let the site not in the passive! I think that there are very few owners will take the initiative to consider this problem, now the webmaster and a few years ago the stationmaster of the difference is enormous, we do site may be just for interest, and now most of the site is to hold the purpose of profit is different, this will result in this pattern is hard to change. Many webmaster is blindly to the pursuit of traffic IP, in fact I think more than they slowly pay, I think this is certainly pay a harvest, the harvest is not only in money, the more valuable the experience. read more

nteractive design model for improving mobile e-commerce sales

translator notes: in 2012, the mobile terminal orders of major electricity supplier giants and brands all showed a rapid growth trend. Everyone has seen, mobile providers have come. Well designed mobile shopping experience, will be able to compete for more users, enhance sales. In this paper, a comprehensive introduction to the interactive design process of mobile shopping process, for your reference learning.

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A good website insists on not just looking at Baidu’s face

many webmaster, often for search engine included happy and sorrow. What I share with you today is that Baidu, which I have been working on for four years, has a parabola, ups and downs for four years. I think I should write something to share with you as a souvenir.

August 2007, good net angle Baidu collection reached the highest 65W, when it was the highest traffic flow, once reached 11W days IP. The highest data set in: September 15, 2007, the highest number of visits: 112084 IP, when traffic increased by five thousand a day, never had a sense of achievement. read more

Jewelry store management skills sharing

we know that the demand for jewelry, jewelry store is also very profitable. However, I would like to open a good jewelry store can not be so simple, there are many problems need to pay attention to. So how to do jewelry store management? The following eight strokes very practical.

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How to improve the weight of keywords

Hello, I believe we have seen a lot of this content, I am also a novice, study time is not very long, if there is a right or wrong place please forgive me, honestly, I was not good at words, not to mention the writing, the first written text. A little nervous, afraid of some places is not good you joke, ha ha, goes to the point.


keyword that we all know, all know on the website of title, description and keyword, the how to write, we have a lot of understanding it, that if you do not understand, you can see the rest of the article, there is no detailed introduction. I through their own station to talk about how to through the external links to increase the weight of keywords, I do is net PS, so of course you want to use "PS keyword, PS tutorial, after half a month or so, now at Baidu were ranked in fourth pages, third pages, maybe someone will laugh at I, Baidu ranked fourth pages, with half a month. My younger brother is just a beginner. I just give my opinion. My first blog in relatively large weights, published several articles on the PS learning aspects of the article, the content of the article is the best original, pseudo original line, then the "PS, PS or PS learning tutorial" on the site in the content of an article, not more, less than 3, such as the fruit can not understand to look on my blog PS classification. Whenever spider climb to this "PS" keyword, is my small station link, will increase the small station to "PS" keyword weight (premise your station content must be consistent with key word). Similarly, in the station content tutorial, using the same method to do links, an article 2-3, not too much, more than bad, do not understand, you can view the small station. This is my experience in the past few months, if you feel garbage, when you do not see, if you feel a little truth, add QQ group: 5376431, we discuss it together. read more

Actual combat share my experience with Taobao for one month

has many friends who love the Internet as well as I do. They want to earn money to live on the Internet and try desperately to find ways to make money online. Do Taobao, when the webmaster, do Wangzhuan, have to do the bidding, we also do these Taobao customers.

Shao Lianhu is the source of money on the Internet, mainly by doing web sites, but recently found too little site, and the network company is very much. I’m too lazy to promote it, because it’s too much trouble to make a website for clients, and I don’t earn any money. So I don’t want to do it. Taobao used to do, but Taobao had to pay Paul, and too strict, I gave up. After much deliberation, I still at Taobao off the project, intends to do Taobao off money. read more