n the womb of self face parents consider its future boxer

is in the womb from the face, you have seen this strange phenomenon? Recently, a pregnant woman in the United States to do ultrasonic examination, accidentally found the fetus hit his face, the nurse said it would not affect the fetus so that the couple assured.

2016 in February 19th, the day before, an unbelievable thing happened in the US state of Kansas, a 5 month old fetus was in the mother’s womb will face their own "KO", and the scene is just the parents with ultrasonic detector recorded, in this regard, the couple may be worried about his son there will be a brain shock, but the nurse assured them. read more

Mengxue ice ice cream franchise seasons – selling

we all know that ice cream, such as food, has been very popular. Join the project for ice cream, business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice. How Mengxue ice cream? Good quality projects, entrepreneurial success is just around the corner!

ice cream is a lot of people’s leisure delicacy, it can not only be Jieshu, or have the advantages of all ages, enjoy life. Choose Mengxue ice ice cream project, investment prospects for a wide range of products rich and popular throughout, is a good project of business to make money! read more

How to choose the location of education and training

brand choice of education is very important, many parents pay attention to education to join, which makes the education industry development, entrepreneurship education training franchise is very promising, nowadays, education and training is a franchise with the advantages of the project in the market! It is for this reason, the number of let the market investment in education and training franchise is growing! But, for the education and training of stores for entrepreneurs, in order to let the shop in the market performance is relatively good, so in the shop, for the choice of the location of the business, the specific needs of the entrepreneurs thinking which contents read more

Tips for opening a special clothing store

In our daily life in

clothing, is a basic necessities of life, at the same time, now in the apparel industry, has a broad market prospect, and people for clothing products demand is also increasing, so how to make money to open a clothing store?

if your clothing store for bulk cargo, ran well around the city wholesale market, understand where what style, where the price is cheap, where there are clothing, shoes and hats where there is, find a reliable freight company (wholesale market on the edge will have). Ahead of time to prepare for you to run a lot less wronged Road, open their own clothing store to save money is necessary, sometimes the same clothes you visit a few, you can save a lot of money. Do not go shopping, must be ready to go. Brand goods: brand awareness, joining fee, return rate, shelf money, decoration, the company’s staff to investigate the gold, the company requires the size of the clothing store location, the first into the purchase price, we must ask. read more

How to choose a commodity store

although there are large commercial super, but sometimes it is not convenient to buy, more time-consuming, so small shops will become a place where people buy daily necessities. Commodity is the commodity that people use in daily life, and the market prospect of commodity is very broad. The majority of franchisees to see this business opportunities, have joined the commodity industry. Commodity is a kind of physical consumption, is the need for a suitable store to operate. This determines that you need to choose a suitable address for your store. Of course, the location of the store requires a certain skill. So, the vast number of franchisees, you know the daily necessities store location skills which? If you don’t know, don’t miss the following article! read more

What factors to consider before opening shop

shop should be fully investigated before. No investigation, no right to speak. The location of the population is located in the vicinity of the store, the nature of the units gathered nearby, the nature of the work, the region’s spending power, habits, whether there are similar shops, if so, to investigate their business good ring.  : Generally speaking, the market survey before opening a shop includes the following aspects:

read more

Entrepreneurship is the key to open the store location

there are a lot of people will first think of entrepreneurship, is to run a store, now want to successfully opened a store, the first thing to notice is that the site should take a look at this, open the store location should pay attention to what?

1, the store can be selected to meet the business objectives. For example: to be able to operate the restaurant business than other types of high value, because not all shops can get environmental protection, industry and commerce, fire and other departments agreed. read more

nventory affect the stock market’s seven negative energy

shares this year to play like playing roller coaster, rise up and go, but this year’s bull market is very attractive, the gem index also hit a record high, a lot of people trapped inside also reluctant to come out, but the "heights mood at the same breed. Bull market really can last? There is no way to judge, but we can look at the impact of the stock market seven negative energy".

1, the largest IPO IPO in 5 years

after Chinese nuclear power and other big ticket issue, there are some blood effects on the stock market, but the market reaction is not intense, may have a large amount of money is a factor. Recently, Guotai Junan, readers publishing media, Henan thinking automation equipment 3 companies IPO application will be over. Guotai Junan IPO which undoubtedly attracted many eyeballs. read more

Prevention of the ten small business mistakes

small business mistakes that should be how to go out, to prevent   small business misunderstanding is the primary task, small business mistakes prevention skills is inevitable, the so-called entrepreneurial myth is that most entrepreneurs in the project selection made by   the common problem, this problem must be solved first problem.


2. people how do I dry.

3. save money. read more

Those who do not know the 90 entrepreneurs

90 are considered to be the character of the generation of publicity, whether they are dealing with anything particularly self and high profile, so 90 entrepreneurs are also considered high-profile entrepreneurs. It is true that, do not forget there are these unknown but the achievements of 90 entrepreneurs.

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Open the pot to join the fans

how to open a pot of rice food store? Shop to make money? This is a lot of small entrepreneurs want to know the answer, today Xiaobian take you together to analyze the situation, so that the majority of investors are ready to take a look at it!

location selection:

rice cooker is characterized by affordable, unique taste, delicious and fast. Due to the numerous pot meal is like the same species (meat pilaf, seafood rice, soup pot rice, rice flour, rice porridge and so on), but also for all regions in shopping malls around the station, next to the area around the campus, including a small eat special delicacy street, business environment city, has strong market adaptability. read more

How to open a theme restaurant

catering industry is now full of business opportunities, choose a suitable project, easy to get rich no problem. Children’s restaurant is the main object of service for children, from the restaurant decoration, business models, dishes design, marketing activities are the main theme of the theme of the restaurant market for children.

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Open wonton stores need those funds

open wonton stores generally need to invest what spending? Many franchisees are more interested in this topic, if you want to understand some of the more careful expenditure then quickly look at it, Xiaobian compiled the relevant information you want to have some inspiration.

1.: Generally speaking, the rent is not afraid of high rents, high must have high reason, lots of gold can not rent a eighty thousand year high, the shop under normal circumstances, certainly than 30 thousand of the rent shop to make money. read more

What are the support of happy ranch cafeteria

happy ranch is a unique feature of the food and beverage project, is a self catering brand founded by the people of Inner Mongolia. At the same time happy ranch culture background and the characteristics of the small inheritance Hot pot, but also by virtue of its own "personality" in talent shows itself in the buffet. Is a worthy of the majority of investors to join the buffet catering project.

first store was born in Baotou in August 2008. Happy ranch environment simple and lively, bright colors, supporting facilities, the full details of the Department to meet the psychological needs of people, is the ideal place for dining, gathering. read more

Nanjing reporter visited the red anchor living conditions

"Red Net" has already become a popular vocabulary around the network, then the network broadcast also attracted a lot of attention Indoorsman Indoorswoman, network anchor seems to have become a kind of efficient occupation. So in Nanjing, what is the life of the network red face? Let’s look at their lives together!


online crazy pass network anchor millionaire, but in Nanjing, a monthly income of twenty thousand is "red"; general network anchor called the majority, but recently the sun handsome men began popular in Jiangsu…… 58 city, digital broadcast, pepper 100 days before teamed up for the network anchor group depth investigation and study, and released the first domestic network anchor "survival status report", said the network anchors the average monthly income of 9975 yuan, the hand piece is the most profitable. According to the report, the reporter said that the current situation of the existence of the network anchor visited Nanjing found that these networks are not so easy to make money in the legend of the legendary. read more

How much money do you know how to shop

a lot of people do not love the feeling of working, choose their own businesses, entrepreneurs are now is not what strange things, also lead to business pressures, facing the increasingly fierce market competition, how to keep a customer a chance to buy goods, how can the market play a world of their own, make yourself forever to the survival and development of? 3158 in this small series of summing up the shop to make money skills, I hope to help you:

shop to make money skills, find a location, with read more

The location of the dry cleaning shop is very important to have a better development

now many friends have a plan to open a dry cleaners, but we do not know the location of the dry cleaners. To open a good dry cleaning shop, this site is very important. Not every lot is suitable for dry chain stores, but to choose a densely populated area or downtown business district, but also to take into account the characteristics of the consumer groups and levels.

A, choose a large residential area near

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