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blog has a lot of social marketing benefits. Blog is the essence of socialization. Open comments can make the reader interaction, interactive bloggers also tend to have a high degree of. For example, one might write a blog post or in another blog, as for other blog post reaction. Other people have a lot of blogs cross connect. A blog is a topic in the field of experts will establish itself as a chance to participate in this interactive activities can greatly improve the visibility of the enterprise. In addition to these advantages, the proper optimization of the blog can also bring blog search engine and search traffic.

Structure optimization of The

Shanghai dragon many key elements, such as the title tag, H tag, good content, reverse link and Shanghai dragon friendly architecture. Although a variety of blogging platform is very good, but sometimes I need to make adjustments to achieve optimal results such as: Shanghai dragon,

sites use WordPress as the only release platform. Usually the installation and setup is very simple. The world’s most popular blogging platform is WordPress (贵族宝贝wordpress贵族宝贝), other blog platforms such as Moveable Type (贵族宝贝moveabletype贵族宝贝/) and TypePad (贵族宝贝typepad贵族宝贝/) is also very popular.

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1. blog allows each post classification. Ensure that the page title tag name.

3. URL to rewrite the key words, words – (hyphen) separated (better than underline). Do not include dates in URL. If you’re worried about URL there are too many words that is not good, can consider shortening the post file name extensions, such as WordPress Slug Trimmer WordPress (贵族宝贝pietersz.co.uk/2006/07/wordpress-slug-trimmer).


2. uses a customized header to override the default title tag. You can use the Netconcepts Title Tag plugin (贵族宝贝netconcepts贵族宝贝/ Shanghai, Shanghai dragon -title-tag-plugin/), this plugin allows you to write your own title tag (defined in the post or page of the project).

blog for those who want to regularly write people is a very good platform. First of all, the author published content is very simple, just login, relatively simple to use a set of menu options, input to publish content, pre, and then publish directly. Than manual written HTML code easier.

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