Caldwell Academy of Music Presents, “An Evening at the Opera”

first_imgDate: July 24, 2014 @ 7:00 PMVenue: Monrovia City HallThe Caldwell Academy of Music is presenting a charity concert, starring two outstanding Liberian classical musicians, Yamah V. Willie  (Voice/Dramatic Soprano) and Wilmot K. Bobbroh, III (Piano).The concert is unique in its kind, with an aim to introduce operatic musical performance to the Liberian people and also raise funds for the Caldwell Academy of Music.  Funds raised will go towards the puchase of musical instruments and to aid the musical education of young Liberian musicians.The concert stars Yamah V. Willie from the Trinity College of Music in Lodon, accompanied on piano by Wilmot K. Bobbroh III, Executive Director of the Caldwell Academy Of Music, who will also serve as concert pianist.  Other performers to be featured include Fulton D. Reeves (Voice/Bass); the United Methodist University Chorus; and students from the Caldwell Academy of Music (CAM).  The concert will be held at the Monrovia City Hall, Thursday,  July 24, 2014 at 7:00 PM. For tickets and other information, please call: 0777563121 or 0886514643.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘I Remain Who I Am’

first_imgPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has promised that no amount of unjust criticisms and disrespect to her office from the public, many of whom are young people, will compel her to change her disposition and become what she is not supposed to be. She promised to uphold those principles that had make Liberia a better society for all.The Liberian leader vowed to continue to respect the rights of others and will not change her characteristics of tolerance and understanding people’s attitudes, despite the level of disrespect and barrage of profanities directed at her office.The Liberian President was speaking at the end of a national prayer service held over the weekend at the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center on Tubman Boulevard on.Several prominent Liberians,  many of whom are religious leaders, have in recent times   raised concerns about the level of disrespect shown to authorities in Liberia, something they also said are also responsible for some of the problems that the country faces.Some of these religious leaders, including Archbishop of the Catholic Church, Lewis Ziegler, United Methodist Bishop John Innis and many  others, complained about the level of insults directed at people in leadership, especially the office of the President, by Liberians on local radio talks shows.Similar feelings were also expressed during last week’s  national prayer service by the founder of the Isaac Winker Global Ministry (IWGC), Bishop Isaac Winker.  The IWGC operates the Dominion Christian Fellowship.But President Sirleaf, in her remarks, promised to remain engaged with all those who mean good for the country and no amount of disrespect to the presidency will deter her from performing her constitutional duties. “You can be assured that whatever we do, we do it for the good of this country and my own tolerance, understanding, and respect for the rights of others will never change,” she said.Despite the seriousness of the Ebola fight, she said, there were still some elements of the Liberian society playing politics with the situation. But President Sirleaf assured the congregation that with her engagement with partners, there is now enormous international support coming to Liberia and if Liberians unite in the fight, they will soon reverse the situation.She admonished all Liberians to continue to pray and at the same time observe all the anti-Ebola measures as released by health authorities and experts.“We have to follow their advice because we want to make sure that we kick this disease out of our country, region and the world, which is concerned is beginning also to  affect them,” she said.The Liberian leader’s comments were in response to a sermon delivered by Bishop Isaac Winker in which he spoke of total disrespect to the presidency especially by the young people of Liberia.Bishop Winker said young Liberians were now using the various radio talk shows to abuse free speech and called on them to have a change in attitude.“If you wish to be a national leader tomorrow, it’s time now that you gain respect from the people by equally addressing the presidency and other national leaders with respect and dignity,” Bishop Winker told the young people.According to him, Liberians accused others of being paid agents whenever they are told the truth about the need to respect the office of the President.  He said had no  regrets for saying this as he was mandated by God to tell the Liberian people.Bishop Winker, during the sermon, delivered a special prayer for Liberia against those who, he said, are bent on preaching war in the country.  God has and will always destroy their plan, he insisted. “War mongers,” the Bishop said, “are destined for self destruction as the church will continue to pray and thank God for the ten years of uninterrupted peace that the country recently celebrated since its return to the rule of law through Presidential and Legislative elections in 2005 that brought President Sirleaf to power.”The service was the seventh edition of a national tarry organized by the church of Liberia and held at the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center of the Isaac Winker Global Ministry.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Let’s Keep the Courage, Philip

first_imgThe 28th Anniversary of The Inquirer newspaper is marred by an exodus of some eight members of the staff, mainly reporters and editors, from the entity on grounds that they have been working without pay for months.During past anniversary celebrations, the cordial family ties existing among staffs of The Inquirer have always been reflected in the pictorial that usually accompanied the story.  Every worker will be attired in a special suit identified as uniform for the occasion, and awards of different categories for different performances will be given out to staffs.This praiseworthy approach to human resource management has been the custom of The Inquirer until January 14, 2019, when some of the staffers took their exit in order to establish their own newspaper referred to as the “Independent Inquirer.”The Inquirer itself was established in 1991 during the civil crisis and reported on developments in Liberia during the war. The raison d’etre for its establishment, contrary to that proclaimed by the current breakaway group, was necessary because the Editor and Manager Philip Wesseh, who worked for the Daily Observer for years, had remained in Liberia and the institution he worked for had shut down due to the civil conflict.In addition to this reason, he also saw the need to begin his own business, based on his conviction and vision, and on the strength of his vision and conviction the paper has survived up to present, because the intent was not only beneficial to him personally but to the larger society as well.We cannot judge the staffs for their decision to quit, because they need to live and, as far as the Law of Self Preservation is concerned, one must do whatever he/she needs to in order to survive.  However, in taking such a decision as taken by the staffs, the intent should be clear — realizing that one has been with this entity for years without experiencing what is currently unfolding.Now, the departure of the staffs to establish a new media entity brings some concerns readily to mind.  The sudden and very quick pace of its establishment raises suspicions that big hands are infiltrating the media through these men and women.In this regard, these defected staffers should realize that the constraints facing the Inquirer today is not only unique to this entity but other entities as well, including even the Daily Observer itself.Yes, you have taken the decision to establish your newspaper, but there are few things to consider as you claim independence from The Inquirer.Carefully consider the possibility that whoever is facilitating your decision may not be there for you at all times and somewhere down the road you could find yourselves confronted by similar constraints facing Philip Wesseh.  Establishing a media business, without studying the environment, is dangerous because when support goes away, your survival becomes unpredictable.You also have to be careful of the source of support.  This is because if the source has connection with the ruling establishment or an individual with an interest in the political play, you will be laying your credibility on the line and society may lose confidence in you.Let us also admonish Philip that you are not the only person who has encountered such an experience.  Your critical stand on social issues could cause those displeased by it to do whatever they can to see you fall; but the Holy Bible in the book of James 5:11 states: “Happy are those who endure temptation without fainting, because there were great men and women who did same and they reaped the fruits of their consistency and faithfulness in God.”Build the trust so that society will know you and respect your decision and stance because, as you may be aware, the most damaging thing you can ever do is to taint your credibility and cause your audience to lose confidence.The rather abrupt decision by the Inquirer staffers to leave in order to establish so quickly an entity should also serve as a wake-up call for all media operators to do some soul searching and introspection on how they do business, with a view to making their human resource more effective and reliable.Yes, the constraints are here; nevertheless, media managers must start to devise positive strategies that will motivate their workers in order to reduce the likelihood of a similar occurrence at other media entities.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

GCB unveils 2018 cricket magazine

first_imgThe Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) on Wednesday evening unveiled the 2018 edition of its cricketing magazine.Guyanese commentating legend “Reds” Perreira speaks on his article as Raj Singh of the GCB displays the pageThe production of the magazine is in its fifth year; however, the recently-launched edition is a little more significant given that this year is the GCB’s 75th anniversary. As such, the magazine has come at a later date in the year so as to facilitate the capturing of events that were a part of the 75th anniversary celebration.The magazine features statistics, assessments, and feature stories covering all levels of cricket in Guyana. Many of the feature stories in the magazine are written by local Journalists. One such story is “Guyana’s all-time XI”, which was compiled by John Ramsingh and is said to have the cricket world buzzing already.GCB Secretary Anand Sanasie was present to give an overview of the nature and purpose of the magazine. “In this magazine, we captured everything that would have happened throughout the year in cricket, it has a lot of statistics and it has a lot of articles on the history of cricket and so on. Any earning out of this magazine is put straight back into cricket development. So, it is a revenue stream of the Guyana Cricket Board,” Sanasie stated.Director of Sport, Christopher Jones receives his copy of the magazineTo add a little glimmer to the magazine, most of the work has come straight out of the GCB. This was disclosed by Sanasie, who said: “Everything you see in the magazine was done at the office of the Guyana Cricket Board, other than the printing being done outside of there.”Legendary cricket commentator Joseph “Reds” Perreira was the first to be presented with the magazine. After which, the Guyanese legend spoke on the article he contributed to the magazine.“I remembered all the personalities that you met at the ground, I chose a looking back theme so that the young generation of readers and Guyanese could understand what Case Cup was all about. I think I found the right niche in producing an article, which I hope you would find interesting,” Perreira stated.The magazine is free of cost and is available at the Guyana Cricket Board’s office on Regent Street, Bourda.last_img read more

Peace Valley Landowner Association questions Premier Clark’s Site C remarks

first_imgHe notes she was quoted as saying in the interview that Hydro must answer tough questions about the project price tag and its impact on the work force and First Nations.Mr. Boone says the Joint Review Panel has already done that, making recommendations on those issues in its report and recommending referral of the financial issues to the BC Utilities Commission.He adds for the government to now be asking “tough questions” behind closed doors is no replacement for an open, proper, transparent, independent and thorough review by the BCUC with a public hearing.- Advertisement –last_img read more


first_imgOne of the kittens abandoned in recent days.A Donegal-based animal rescue has been overwhelmed by the arrival of almost 50 abandoned kittens in the past month and is appealing to the public for help with this crisis.By launching an emergency ‘Help Us To Help Them’ campaign, Animals In Need hopes to raise the vital funds needed to care for the dozens of kittens that are being found discarded around Donegal.The public can help by donating €2 via their phone by simply texting the word ‘KITTEN’ to 50300, so please make a difference today and help save an orphan kitten. Lately the Animals In Need volunteers have seen an alarming rise in the number of full litters of kittens that are being dumped around the Donegal, in boxes on random doorsteps and in isolated areas.Volunteer Gitte McMullin revealed that in the last month, nearly 50 kittens have been found, which included 10 full litters of kittens.“The kittens are being taken from their mothers and dumped in cardboard boxes on people’s doorsteps; many of them are not even weaned and some are as young as 2 weeks old and then have to be hand-reared by being bottle-fed every 3 hours throughout the day and night.’Gitte has recently successfully hand-reared five of these abandoned tiny kittens. She added ‘What is probably worse is when kittens who are a bit older are being dumped out in the middle of nowhere to fend for themselves. They are still only babies and can’t survive on their own so if they aren’t found by some miracle, then they’ll suffer and die horrible deaths or slowly starve.’As the crisis continues, Gitte added ‘The situation has got out of hand. People are still not spaying or neutering their cats, even though the vets are being very good and offering generous discounts, especially for stray and feral cats. Inevitably, before they know it, the cat’s owners find themselves with a bunch of kittens and no homes for them and so they offload their problem on someone else.’In the meantime, the volunteers are left to attempt to save all these abandoned kittens, and as the charity has no shelter, this means taking the kittens into their own family homes to care for them.Animals In Need is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers and every cent raised goes directly to the care of the animals, for food, worming treatments, vaccinations, veterinary bills and bedding, so please support this worthy cause, pick up the phone and help an abandoned kitten today. CAT-ASTROPHE FOR DONEGAL ANIMAL CHARITY SWAMPED BY ABANDONED KITTENS was last modified: October 14th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:abandonedanimals in needappealdonegalkittenslast_img read more


first_imgA NEW record has been set off the Donegal coast, Met Eireann has announced.The M4 Donegal Buoy measured a record Significant Wave Height (SWH) of 15.7m at 11:00am today, where Significant Wave Height is the term given to the average height of the highest third of the waves over a period.The previous highest SWH was 15.2m recorded earlier this year on January 26th. The buoy also recorded an individual wave of 21.5m around the same time which is less than the 23.4m record individual wave also recorded earlier this year in January.The record for the highest Significant Wave Height measured by the buoy network is still 17.2m recorded at the M6 buoy on December 9th 2007.The graphic shows today’s waves and their height set against a double decker bus.NEW WAVE RECORD SET OFF DONEGAL COAST was last modified: December 10th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Donegal coastnew wave recordlast_img read more

49ers will attend Colin Kaepernick’s workout, league source says

first_img— NFL345 (@NFL345) November 14, 2019The Niners are in a bit of a pinch here PR-wise: They … The 49ers will see an old friend in Atlanta Saturday.A league source confirmed to Bay Area News Group’s Cam Inman that the 49ers will attend Colin Kaepernick’s Saturday workout.The Niners are one of at least 12 teams who will be watching the former Pro Bowler. They’ll be joined by the Patriots, Jets, Giants, Broncos and more, according to a release from the read more

TV foodie Guy Fieri opens restaurant in South Africa

first_imgAmerican chef and celebrity television food personality Guy Fieri is bringing his take on guilty culinary pleasures to South Africa, with the April opening of his branded restaurant in Pretoria.Celebrity foodie Guy Fieri, known for his unusual take on guilty pleasure eating, opened a new restaurant in the Menlyn Maine shopping centre in Pretoria on 1 April 2017. The Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar promises good food, value-for-money and a fun time for urbane diners and families alike. (Image: Menlyn Maine website)CD AndersonAmerican celebrity chef Guy Fieri is known and loved for his various shows on the Food Network (DStv channel 175), including Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives; Guy’s Big Bite; and Guy’s Grocery Games. And he is now offering South Africans a chance to sample his interpretations of fast food staples at his new restaurant, which opened in Pretoria’s newly revamped Menlyn Maine shopping mall on 1 April 2017.Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar is in the Maine’s R4-billion hotel and casino development. It joins a range of other quality gourmet restaurants, including Forti Grill, by South African chef Fortunato Mazzone, and Something’s Cooking, owned by J’Something (Joao da Fonseca) from top local band MiCasa, who is a passionate foodie himself, blending the tastes of his home country Portugal and Mzansi.Watch J’Something cook up something special on his Youtube channel below:Fieri’s South African endeavour joins his other popular restaurants around the world, including high profile venues on Las Vegas’s Sunset Strip and in Times Square in New York City, as well as 50 other branded food outlets, including Guy’s Burger Joints, serving on the entire luxury tour fleet of Carnival Cruise Liners.Notable for his often controversial embracing of so-called guilty pleasure eating, Fieri’s restaurants offer diners a chance to indulge in gourmet quality hamburgers, signature sandwiches and one-of-a-kind cocktails. Fieri told Times LIVE before the Pretoria opening that guests would enjoy only the best “real deal, scratch-made food, killer cocktails and a rocking good time”.The menu includes, of course, his legendary signature dish, the Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger.While not for the faint-hearted nor health-conscious, Fieri’s award-winning reputation for, as he calls it, “not fast food, but good food served quickly”, guarantees healthy portions served with side orders of classiness and value-for-money.“South Africans work hard for their money,” he told Times LIVE. “They deserve to be able to take their family out for good food and a good time. We’re bringing the heat and excitement of Flavourtown but at local market prices so it’s accessible to everyone.”And Fieri hasn’t forgotten to include some local flavour in his offerings.“If you’re going to do South Africa, you got to have some scratch-made rubbed and sauced peri-peri chicken wings, right? You’re not going to find grilled springbok loin from Mokopane in New York City but after trying it in South Africa, I may have to change that.”Celebrity foodie Guy Fieri, known for his unusual take on guilty pleasure eating, opened a new restaurant in the Menlyn Maine shopping centre in Pretoria on 1 April 2017. The Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar promises good food, value-for-money and a fun time for urbane diners and families alike. (Image: Guy Fieri website)Who is Guy Fieri?Fieri began his food career making and selling pretzels on street corners, which financed his culinary studies in France.Together with a Bachelor’s degree in hotel management and almost 20 years of experience in restaurant management, he found sudden fame when he won the Food Network’s 2016 Next Food Star reality show contest. It led to his first series, Guy’s Big Bite.Fieri is also the co-author, with Ann Volkwein, of five New York Times bestselling cookbooks, based on his Food Network shows.Promising “comfortable seating, a great bar and rocking music”, Fieri hopes to make the new South African addition to his restaurant chain the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with South African food lovers.For more information about Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar and other food and entertainment attractions at Menlyn Maine, visit the website here.Source: TimesLIVE, Wikipedia Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Scouting for damage in emerged fields

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Usually this time of year, the planter is the most important tool on the farm. But, for the past two weeks farmers have used their pocket knives more to see if planted seeds are making progress in cold, wet Ohio soils. Some fields that were planted early on are emerged and after some frost concerns those fields need to be surveyed as well. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins visits with Golden Harvest Agronomist Eric Anderson about what to look for in those fields.last_img read more